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    Twerking in San Diego

    Twerking in San Diego

    Well, it has hit the news, a local San Diego High School dance group got busted after making a Twerking Video.  What does that have in common with making money online?

    This group could be making a FORTUNE through YouTubes affiliate program and share the revenue that is generated off of ads! We are both located in San Diego as well.

    If you are interested in finding out ways to make money online with videos or just doing some work in your spare time, make sure to sign up to my newsletter after you enjoy the video below!

    Enjoy a little twerking from San Diego!

    The problem with making money online with youtube is that your income will vary not only depending on your traffic, but the type of ads that are shown with your videos. Rough estimates are around $1.00 for every 1,000 views, but this can vary greatly depending on the content of your video.

    You want to maximize your earnings by optimizing the videos that you post.

    This means you should carefully do a some keyword research to determine the average CPC ad revenue words and word phrases make that are related to your video, then optimize the video post to include the keywords in:

    • the file name prior to upload
    • title
    • description
    • keywords
    • annotations
    • transcriptions

    In the first line of the description, you can also place a link to your website where you might be offering something related for sale, do not use an affiliate code here or a link to an affiliate product as you might end up getting your account banned.

    In the case of the Twerking in San Diego Video I might have focused on the keywords twerking video and maybe secondary keywords would be about learning how to twerk with a link on my website pointing to additional websites with affiliate programs that sell twerking how to videos.

    I would also consider tourism in general.  San Diego is a beautiful place and someone might think about visiting beautiful San Diego after watching the crazy twerking video, check on some airfare, maybe even book a hotel.  They might just decide they need a vacation and book travel through your affiliate link or click on your related advertisements in youtube to gain you more ad revenue.

    It is easy to sign up with the YouTube affiliate program, just log in to your account and click on how to become a partner.



    Bryan Knowlton

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