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    New Direction for Your Boss Blows – Make Money Online

    Bryan Knowlton Teaches How to Make Money Online

    Hey Guys and Gals!

    It has been a little over a month since I published new videos to Your Boss Blows and I just wanted to apologize!  You know the saying, “Life Happens”.  Well, I have been experiencing a lot of life over the past couple months to say the least.  Sometimes time just gets away from you and you need to hit rock bottom to refocus and get back in gear.  I have been working overtime as a real estate appraiser and started spending fewer and fewer hours on my online businesses and teaching on Your Boss Blows as well as my new blog / channel – How To Earn Money .TV.

    Feeling overwhelmed I just let my online businesses run themselves, which they do for the most part, but by not blogging and posting new videos frequently, I lost a number of subscribers and of course my youtube and iTunes rankings went down for my primary search results.  The more active viewers you have, the higher the chances your videos and podcast/vidcast will show up in the results.  Not only do you have to produce good content, you also have to become popular to really make it.

    So I have decided to switch things up a little.

    Months ago I started to share some of the Mike from Maine videos – he conducts excellent interviews with affiliate marketers and others that make money online.  A lot of his videos are about products and services offered by the host, but I have to tell you there is always a nugget or two (if not more) of really great information that you will take away from his show.

    I will be cherry picking the cream of the crop and posting them 0n YourBossBlows.com every few days starting next week.  At the same time I will be hosting more tutorials here as well, possibly even some more ‘black hat’ methods of making money online with dating offers, PPC arbitrage, etc….  I will also be republishing tutorials that I create on HowToEarnMoney.TV to this blog a week or so after they are published on HTEM.

    Another thing I will be doing on YBB (your boss blows) is to attempt to make a daily news post about trending topics and relate them to making money online.   Not only will this help me to consistently blog and hopefully get me in to a better blogging schedule and routine, but I hope it will increase my traffic and popularity of YBB.   So far most of my traffic comes from YouTube, iTunes and my public ROKU channel.  Roku bringing in the highest number of views across the board.

    This technique of blogging about trending topics is better for social commentary and news type websites, but I also like the idea of relating them to making money online as a brainstorming technique and a social experiment.  I will share the traffic statistics along the way.

    I use the following website to find trending topics and keywords:

    For example a really hot trend in google right now is “May the Fourth be with you”, 50,000+ searches so far today.  Yesterday it was “Kentucky Derby” with 500,000+ and Iron Man 3 with 200,000 searches.

    That is a lot of search traffic and you should take advantage of it if you have an affiliate product that would convert with it.

    So, my traffic has hit an ALL TIME LOW over the past month and we will start with that figure… Keep in mind that all of my traffic comes from YouTube, iTunes and Roku (close to a 45,000 video views a month).  On my Roku app I am also able to collect email addresses for my mailing list and that is how I am currently building my list.

    Another note, traffic has dropped significantly (but it was never that great to begin with), ranking for ‘Make Money Online’ is one of the most competitive keywords on the internet.  I never planned on ranking my website for those keywords so I wasn’t too worried about it.  But the low website views also tells me something else.

    I don’t have a good call to action.  Fans of my videos are not visiting my website and my search engine optimization blows.

    So as I work on getting all those additional factors improved and blogging daily, I hope to increase visitors and revenue.  I don’t post my income, but YBB makes around $1,000 a month which brings my online income to around $7,000 per month.  Not bad, but I was hoping to have YBB up to around $5000 a month by now.

    As I make improvement to YBB, I will post traffic and income statistics from time to time.

    So here is the magic number I have to increase:

    15 Uniques a day

    Wow, pretty bad!

    I can only go up from here!!!! So, if you want to follow along, please do.  Mike from Maine really rules and I will be posting tutorials and interviews here as well, they will just be a little delayed behind HTEMHTEM is available on iTunes, YouTube and has it’s own public channel in ROKU as well.

    Until next time, Just do it!  (and keep on doing it!!!)

    Bryan Knowlton



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