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    Episode 2b – Getting the most out of Ebay

    Episode 2b - Make Money Online

    How to make  money online with Ebay.

    In the continuation of Episode No. 2, I talk to you about selling on EBay and why I decided to use them. I explain the ease of getting started on eBay with just the items you already possess. I suggest you look around your house, your office, your car, your shed, and especially your garage. Pull out 20 to 30 items and pick out the things you really think people will want to buy. I remind you that people will buy just about anything on EBay. I also give you other alternatives to finding items to sell, such as going to thrift stores, swap meets, garage sales and Big Lots. You can find items just about any place.

    I teach you how to rely on the experience and expertise of others by purchasing eBooks. I explain that there is an eBook on just about everything. I explain the value of using research conducted by others instead of spending countless hours performing your own research, which is a waste of time and energy. I share various eBooks I have purchased and some of the information I have gained from them. I explain that just gaining a nugget or two from the eBook is worth the price itself and the time it saved of not having to research it.

    I also share with you that two of the goldmines I struck was when I purchased Mark Ostrovsky’s eBook Get Rich Click and Tom Barnes’ eBook EBay Fortune. I end the show by giving you some of the highlights.


    Thank you!

    Bryan Knowlton

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