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    MFM – Episode 53: How Tom Ewer makes over $3,000/month writing posts on OTHER people’s blogs

    MFM - Episode 53: How Tom Ewer makes over $3,000/month writing posts on OTHER people’s blogs

    Interview with Tom Ewer from LeavingWorkBehind.com. He is making $3000 guest posting and promoting his own business at the same time. If this name sounds familiar that is because he’s made a lot of blog postings at WPMU.org  and MyWifeQuitHerJob.com.



    Wat we talk in the show

    LeavingWorkBehind.com (affiliate)- Tom’s website and course on how to build a successful online business

    “Discover How a Regular Guy (Who Nearly Failed English at School) with No Professional Writing Experience, Working Just 3-4 Hours Daily, Made $4,848 In One Month From Freelance Blogging …

    …and Has Averaged Over $4,000 Per Month for the Past Six Months”



    What you are about to read here has the potential to change your life forever, because you are going to discover the secrets that have helped me earn over $4,000 on average for the past six months, having only started my “full time” freelance writing career in January 2012.

    If you want to skip straight to purchasing my complete guide to freelance writing online click here. Otherwise, read on to discover the details of my story.

    My name is Tom Ewer. I am a 27-year-old regular guy from a town called Rugby in the UK. I am a freelance writer and blogger.

    January 2013 was one of the best months ever in my freelance writing career.


    In that month I made $4,848 purely from freelance writing. It wasn’t a one-off either — I have averaged $4,000 per month over the past six months and nearly broke my earnings record again in February. Although I have scaled down my writing in the past few months my hourly rate has continued to climb to a high of $94 per hour in February 2013.

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