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    Episode 2c: Selling on Ebay Finale

    Episode 2c - Make Money Online

    This is a continuation of episode 2b where I finish covering the information I learned by selling items on Ebay to make a quick buck.  This is really a good way to get started and get your feet wet with your goal to make money online.


    I have been doing auctions for years and never came across this information. You can spend a lot of time doing research, which might end up being a big waste of time and this ebook will really help you get started selling on ebay the right way. I really suggest getting a product from a guru that does not cost an arm and a leg and you will cut your learning time way down. You could buy this product eBay Fortune and start tomorrow. It has electronic delivery. You will get the file and read it. It only takes a few hours to read, and you will be ahead of the game instantly. This book really teaches you how to make money on ebay.

    A Great eBook about Selling on Ebay

    He goes into listing upgrades that you should avoid using, how to start a bidding war and where to find the secret eBay pages for top-selling items and hot items. There is also a page on eBay where you could actually see what items were being watched the most by eBay buyers. That gives you a huge competitive edge and just for that little nugget of information – to find out what people are watching the most made my purchase worth while. I might have a supplier for some of the hot auctions that people are watching. I might have a supplier for related products and I can start selling on ebay right now. He also talks about the best return policies to have, additional tips to give you the competitive edge, and buyer scams to avoid. I never liked selling stuff out of the country in the first place and I have been ripped off from people in other countries as well. He gives you all the information on scams to avoid.

    When you buy eBay Fortune he gives you a copy of his other e-book that he sold in the past. It is called PowerSeller Success Secrets. That has a bunch of additional tips and advice for selling on eBay. You can find it at powerauctionsellers.com and it is less than 50 bucks for that information. I was very surprised at the amount of information I learned and that will really set you above the competition.

    What I really want to stress here though is if you have done a fair amount of research already and you are really dedicated in getting started being an Internet marketer           earn money online and making money online, you just have to do it. Start today, start selling on eBay!


    If you go and you buy a domain name and hosting and set up a wordpress blog, those are huge steps and you should be very proud of yourself if you take them. If you don’t know where to start you should really try writing reviews for amazon products or selling on ebay. Just give it a try. That is going to get your foot in the door. You are going to learn so much information by doing, not by reading and falling into the research hole of death. You just have to do it.

    I am probably going to stress that and over stress it too much on every show, but the fastest way to making money online is by starting today – right now. Check out the ebooks that I have mentiontioned and see if they interest you. You can try either of those great techniques. You might even get rid of some of the stuff that you have laying around that you feel guilty when you throw it away.

    Make sure to sign up for my newsletter, and you will get the little checklist on how to get started quickly. I am always thinking of additional items to add to the newsletter, but you will get transcripts of the show, any type of show notes, links to resources, and really invaluable resources.

    I hope you enjoyed this episode.

    Until next time – just do it!

    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows


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