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    How to Monetize Your New Blog or Website

    Most of the people that are reading this either have their own blog or have been thinking about starting one. If you do it right, you can start monetizing the day you launch and bring traffic in. Many blogs and websites are created and are either using the wrong income generating techniques or just do it completely wrong.

    One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make is to put Google ads all over your website and just hope for best. If you have a website that is getting a ton of website, maybe PPC and CPM advertisements might work, but this is usually not the case with a new blog or website. Even if the ads make a buck or two a day, it might not be worth it for the amount of visitors that are leaving your website.

    I am going to show you there are better ways to earn more money from your blog.  These are some of the first steps you should take to monetize your blog.

    Check out the Competition

    One of the best ways to find products and services is to check out what your competitors are doing. If they are in the top search results find out what they are promoting and follow in their footsteps. Most likely they are making good money with these advertisements. Most likely if the same advertisements show up on multiple competitor websites, you have come across a good fit.

    Affiliate Programs are great for making money online

    There are so many affiliate products available, you are bound to find a good program to promote on your website. Not only can you post blog articles about the affiliate programs, you can add them to your mailings as well as place text and banner advertisements throughout your website. If you are doing a podcast, you can get a pay per call affiliate program to promote and simply give a phone number to your audience to call.

    Depending on the network, you can see up to a 100% commission on the sales you make, so just search in google for ‘affiliate network’ and browse what they have to offer. Most have a most profitable or highest earnings section to find the best affiliate products to try out marketing on your website.

    Through testing you will find the best fit for your blog or website. Some of the more popular networks include:

    Again, make sure to do your research before throwing up a bunch of affiliate offers. The more research you do on the competition as well as top converting products will pave the road to success and making money online.

    Promote Products and Programs That You Use

    Some of the most successful promotions and affiliate programs I have offered to my readers are for products and services I use frequently. Not only do you know a lot about the product already, you can tell them specifically how you use it and why it has helped you in your business.

    Look around my website and check out the products I offer. I use all of these products and they have helped me in my business. If you hear me mentioning the same product or service, most likely they are my top affiliates!

    Make sure to add these to your ‘Resources’ page as this tends to be one of the most profitable pages on a website.

    Compare Products / Services

    Some of the highest converting affiliate pages you can create are comparison blog posts. You can describe the benefits of each product or service. You can definitely give your opinion to why you liked one over the other, but you still want to provide links to both of the products or services incase your reader decides to go with the one you didn’t suggest.

    There are numerous reasons to why someone might want a different product or possibly even a larger selection, so keep that in mind when you make a post about a service. Sometimes it is good to have a variety of them and let them make the final decision. Either way you make the sale!

    Recently I have started talking about using Long Tail Pro for keyword research vs. Market Samurai. I have used Market Samurai for years and really like their software, but after trying out Long Tail Pro, I found it easier to use and understand. The monthly costs for the pro versions are even a little cheaper using Long Tail Pro. I am currently working on a side by side comparison of both of the products so people can make their own decision when looking for a keyword research tool.

    But again, make sure that you are completely honest in your review and that you have no hidden agendas (like a higher commission), just be true to yourself and your viewers and you will be rewarded.

    Create Tutorials, Interviews and Product Reviews

    If you have been checking out my website for a while now, I have a good number of tutorials on how to make money online and sometimes I will mention a product or service in the post or video. Most of them are affiliate products. In some cases I will mention products and services without an affiliate program. I have to admit I usually try and find an affiliate program, but if one does not exist then I just don’t worry about it. You are not going to make money with everything you do on your website. I try and provide value first for my viewers and squeeze in affiliate links where possible. Again, I only promote products I use and believe in, otherwise I wouldn’t mention them.

    If you have downloaded my QuickStart Guide to making money online (free when you sign up to my newsletter), you will see a number of affiliate links in there. That is always a good place to place them.

    Sometimes the people I am interviewing are promoting a product that has an affiliate program. I include the link in my show notes for the product using my affiliate link.

    Product reviews are a great way to earn an affiliate income. I used to do product reviews full time in the past, but with all the recent algorithm changes I have not done a lot of this. It would be a really good idea to include them along with all your content on your website. There is always a large number of products and services that you can write a review on. All the affiliate products that I sell off my website I should eventually create it’s own product review for.

    Along with your other posts, you really need to focus on quality and information. If you can’t write an honest review then nobody is going to read it or buy your affiliate offering. Don’t over hype or push a product, that just does not work anymore.

    The Money Is In The List

    You have probably heard it a million times, the money is in the list… the money is in the list. More like, the money is in the pockets of the people on your list.

    If you build a list of targeted viewers / readers, then you could have great success marketing to them through email. I use Aweber to build my list of people interested in finding out when my new episodes are posted, to get an update from time to time on blog posts and also when I have a special announcement.

    You don’t want to blast them with a bunch of unrelated products and services, but keep the emails very targeted and do not hard sell them.

    Most people these days offer a free gift of some sort, like my QuickStart Guide, to encourage them to sign up to your list.

    You want to explain when you will be emailing them and why. Just lay it all out so they are not surprised when they start getting your emails and quickly opt-out of receiving your emails. Too many emails will turn off most of the people in your list so you should avoid that unless you are not selling AT ALL. That’s right, some people don’t sell in their emails at all. They provide a short bit of valuable information that might possibly link to a page with more information and possibly an affiliate offer. Remember the ‘soft sell’ or ‘no sell’ techniques and use them.

    There are literally hundreds of ways to monetize a blog, but these are definitely some of the first steps you should take when monetizing a blog or website. Not only are they easy to set up, uncomplicated and can start generating revenue, but they are also some of the basic first steps to monitization.

    In future blog posts I will let you know of some more advanced techniques.

    Until next time, Just Do It!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows


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