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    How the guys over at Bad Lip Reading make money on YouTube

    This is a continuation of my post on making money with YouTube.  There are so many people making a full time living off of YouTube to include young adults to seniors.
    You have the competitive edge if you can produce short and hilarious content on mainstream topics, but one of the top techniques people use is to piggy back off the success of other top trending videos.
    For example, this week there has been a  number of trending videos, but one of the most popular is “THE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD” — A BAD LIP READING OF THE WALKING DEAD

    These guys really know how to create videos that people love and love to share. Almost all of their stuff goes viral.  With only 40 videos, they have amassed over 2 Million subscribers and over 221 Million views.

    If you give the very rough estimate of $1.00 per 1000 views, you can see that  they have made over $221,000 just from YouTube alone.  But they also sell ring tones, iTunes music and other affiliate based products.

    That is truly amazing!  Those figures are only from 1 YouTube channel, most likely they have more, but I didn’t want to spend hours tracking them down.  That is amazing on it’s own.

    They take video content and make it their own and then profit off of it.  You can do the same thing by creating your own videos that piggyback off of the success of trending videos on YouTube.

    Every trending video on YouTube has titles, keywords, descriptions, categories and annotations.  You can copy the trending videos message or just make a parody of the popular videos and by tweaking the title, keywords and descriptions and annotations you have the ability to show up directly next to those top trending videos.

     Give it a try for yourself.  If you already have a blog or a product, try to find one of the most recent and popular video within your market and create a copy of it in your own words.  You can do this as a parody or a comedy.  Then copy the same category, determine to your best knowledge what keywords were used and copy the title nearly word for word.  

    Post this video to YouTube and compare videos you have posted in the past to the new video that you posted using this method.  You will be amazed.

    So go out there and try piggybacking off of the success of another YouTube video and let me know how it goes by leaving comments below.

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows



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