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    MFM – Episode 62: How to add INSTANT authority to any niche site…plus a free prize – with Walt Bayliss

    MFM - Episode 62: How to add INSTANT authority to any niche site…plus a free prize – with Walt Bayliss

    An interesting story by Walt Bayliss. He will talk about  his amazing online marketing journey.

    We will talk about the big gains and big losses and he will tells us all about his new Wiki Word plugin.



    Wat we talk in the show

    Wiki Word Plugin (affiliate)- Walt’s plugin

    Walterbayliss.com – Walt’s website

    About Walt Bayliss -Online Entrepreneur

    Hi Everyone.
    My name is Walter (Walt) Bayliss.

    I am an online entrepreneur and software developer.

    I am lucky enough to earn a full time income from the internet, and able to travel with my family, enjoying the lifestyle and plugging in where ever there is an internet connection.

    It wasn’t always that way… Lots of ‘trying to get started’ stories.  Feel free to read a little bit more.
    It really is a pleasure to connect with you.

    Today we have a strategy for earning income online that involves finding and solving problems for everyday people by developing software and systems.

    I have a number of key websites up and running with our products and systems.

    Moving forward the big focus is on development of systems in a few areas such as mobile technology and social media.

    The days of being tied to a desk – and having to work 80 hours a week in a job don’t need to be a reality.
    In truth – anyone can do what I do –

    You need to learn. Learn different methods, strategies and techniques.

    My journey online started in 2008 when my first daughter was born.
    I was working in the coperate world. Dedicated to the job… thinking it was the only way forward.
    Sound familiar?
    I know many people who have said the same.

    but – (personal philosphy….) It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 80.
    The internet is the playground for all. Every single person can follow a success strategy and earn good money online.

    I look forward to sharing stories with you.
    What is working and what isn’t.

    As well as showing the world through some different eyes – the same eyes that can watch my 2 beautiful  children grow up and enjoy the feeling of pushing forward…. on my own terms.

    It is GREAT to meet you.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Walt Bayliss

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