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    MFM – Episode 67: How a college junior did $20,000 in sales outsourcing video production…with no video experience – with Vas Blagodarskiy

    MFM - Episode 67: How a college junior did $20,000 in sales outsourcing video production…with no video experience – with Vas Blagodarskiy

    Interview with young Vas Blagodarskiy . Actually, he hasn’t even graduated from college yet, but he’s able to get professional videos created for cheap by outsourcing them. I think he’s a great example of someone who hasn’t let his own skills determine what he’s capable of doing. Learn how he’s doing it.



    Wat we talk in the show

    KineticTypography.com– Vas’ website

    Startups. Non-profits. Struggling businesses. What do they have in common? They can’t afford amazing video marketing or PR. They’re strapped for cash, and don’t know how to get their message out. Feels familiar?

    How would you feel if Kinetic Typography LLC got to know your business and offered you:

    Pictures tell. Videos show.

    If you are the kind of person who is not OK with paying 20, 50, or 100 grand for shooting a 60-second commercial… boy, do we have a solution for you.

    Our corporate video business provides all-inclusive kinetic typography services to people who would like to save money on actors and post-production costs. Our company’s designers are available for hire. We make custom digital video ads and other motion typography works. We want to work with people who want to WOW their audience with a clever, professional animation.

    Kinetic Typography LLC designs affordable videos for your sites, products, services and ideas. We capture and convey emotion through your custom-made video, so you know your website speaks directly to the souls of your visitors. This isn’t fiction, this is science.


    VideoSalesClub.com– Vas’ monthly subscription video course

    Have You Ever Watched A Video
    That Left You With Goosebumps?

    Answer “Yes,” and you’ll understand how marketing millionaires are rigging the numbers game in their favor. Now, so can you – even if you’re a marketing newbie, or if you’ve never even made a video before!
    Get plugged into the world’s most powerful network
    of animation professionals, and resell their services!

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