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    MFM – Episode 72: How to monetize your blog into a SIX FIGURE business – with Stan Smith

    MFM - Episode 72: How to monetize your blog into a SIX FIGURE business – with Stan Smith

    Interview with Stan Smith from PushingSocial.com who has done SIX FIGURE   on his blog. He will speak about how from nothing to making something. You will learn how to take your blog to the next level and monetizing it.


    Wat we talk in the show

    PushingSocial.com– Stan’s blog

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    No fancy preamble. We’re going to jump right into the middle of my favorite Blogging Commandment.

    We’ll start here –

    What is your cost per visitor?
    How about – cost per subscriber?

    These two numbers will show how effective your blog efforts have been in the last week, month, or year.

    You might ask, blogging is free, so how do I figure out your fancy numbers? First let’s agree that blogging is not free. You spend time writing posts, finding images, and publishing.

    Let’s say that you spend 5 hours a week on blogging tasks. Next determine how much someone else would pay you for that time. When I was working a full-time corporate job I took my hourly billable rate and multiplied it by 5.

    For example sake, we’ll say that I was paid $20 an hour. Making my blogging cost equal to $100/week (5 hours x $20/hour). Over the year that roughly came to $5,200.

    Now if my blog attracted 5,200 visitors over the same period then my cost per visitor would be $1 ($5,200/5200 visitors). My goal is to decrease my cost per visitor. I can do that by getting more blog readers or lowering my per hour cost.



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