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    MFM – Episode 74: How to monetize your podcast or web show through STRATEGIC sponsorships – with Michael Cyger

    MFM - Episode 74: How to monetize your podcast or web show through STRATEGIC sponsorships – with Michael Cyger

    Interview with  host of DomainSherpa.com, Michael Cyger. He will talk about  how to monetize your podcast or web show through STRATEGIC sponsorships.

    His  interviews he has done and much more.


    Wat we talk in the show

    DomainSherpa.com– Michael’s show about the domain name industry

    Institutional Investment Opportunities in Domain Names – With Frank Michlick

    The new top level domains that will launch beginning in 2013 create a unique investment opportunity. Indeed, private equity and venture capital firms are evaluating investment in new top level domains and domain name registrars.

    Today’s interview is with one of the consultants helping investors outside the domain name industry understand this opportunity. Watch this interview to learn from a different perspective.


    Michael Cyger March 4, 2013 2

    SportsMemorabilia.com: From a $12,500 Parked Domain to $19.5 Million – With Jesse Stein

    In 2006, Jesse Stein purchased SportsMemorabilia.com for $12,500 when it wasn’t much more than a domain name.

    Fast forward several years, and the company now leads the market in high-end autographed sports merchandise and memorabilia, making $19.5 million in revenue in 2012. We start at the beginning to learn about SportsMemorabilia.com’s journey and how they plan to be a $100+ million company.


    Michael Cyger February 25, 2013 14


    My interview on Domain Sherpa back in October


    Building a Process to Scale AdSense-powered Websites for Sale – With Mike Thomas

    Mike Thomas builds websites on exact-match .com/.net/.org domain names and makes a nice living earning revenue from Google AdSense, selling websites, and making commissions on products through affiliate links of the products he uses.

    And in a refreshing twist, the details involved in exactly how he does all of this are revealed in this interview and on his website.

    If you want to try your hand at developing a few sites and monetizing them through Google AdSense, watch this video and learn Thomas’ process.


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