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    MFM – Episode 86: How to create a product and get paid over and over again – with Tom Ness

    Awesome interview with Tom Ness. He will talk about how a productivity may be invoked multiple times with small changes. Nothing is better than doing work ONCE and getting paid multiple times for it.  Therefore watch the interview and learn how it’s done.



    Wat we talk in the show

    Lifestyle Diet Makeover PLR (affiliate)- Tom’s PLR product where he actually does the diet himself

    You can help me out A LOT if you go HERE and leave me 5-star review on iTunes…it will help us grow our audience and thus make it easier to get AMAZING guests.

    Customer Reviews

    How Yaros Pacheco sells pre-made websites….

    by Vince249

    Just finished listening to this podcast and I found exactly what I was looking for to start my web business. Mike does a great job interviewing different marketers about their products. You get to hear exactly what the product is about so that you can decide if it is for you or not – you don’t go blindly buying product after product. So I would say that you would be wise to listen to Mike, + you can also subscribe to his emails so he can keep you up to date on the latest.


    Awesome Interviews with Successful Marketers!

    by Jerry Williamson

    I’ve been watching Mike’s shows since his first show and they just keep getting better and better.Mike has proven himself in the entrepreneur industry simply by finding some of the top internet marketers and entrepreneurs to interview. He has a way of getting his guests to “open up” and tell some of their secrets to their success…..which provides not only entertainment, but valuable lessons for us to learn so that we can be just as successful one day! Thanks Mike…….see you in your next video!


    Mike asks all the questions YOU would ask

    by matt76allen

    I’ve listened to nearly every episode of the Mike from Maine show from the very beginning. Mike brings on successful online entrepreneurs from every imagineable niche and market. He has a unique interviewing style in that you can tell that he is eager to learn from his guests and he asks questions that will benefit both him and the listeners. He really does ask all of the questions that are weighing on the mind of the listener, and he doesn’t hold anything back!

    Excellent show Mike and I love that a new show comes out every single weekday. Helps time fly by for a truck driver like me who is learning how to become an online entrepreneur.

    -Matt from Dumb Passive Income [dot] com

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