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    MFM – Episode 90: How to make up to $1,000 per month sniping launches…on autopilot – with Lenin Govea

    MFM - Episode 90: How to make up to $1,000 per month sniping launches…on autopilot – with Lenin Govea

    Interview with Lenin Govea.  Some of us know how you can make money by reviewing internet marketing products when they are launch. You know that it takes a lot of time to do that.  He will explain us how he makes descent profit and pays all of his expenses, by giving some of his secrets.




    Wat we talk in the show

    Launch Sniping on Crack (affiliate)- Lenin’s course where he teaches you how to make money sniping launches

    Q. Do you have any support email?

    For the buyers of this WSO please refer your questions to goveadotcomsecrets@gmail.com

    Q. Are there OTOs?

    A. Yeah, there are two Upgrades. They are NOT necessary for success, but are intended to speed up the process. Both of them were created to save you time, increase the traffic to your offer and make more money faster by getting this system to the next level.

    Regarding OTO 1, it’s a bundle package with the following components:

    1. Outsourcing secrets (How to get the best and less expensive outsourcer)
    2. Trafic Tripler Video (A wicked trick to get more eyeballs to your offer)
    3. Access to the mastermind group on Skype where your going to meet like-minded people and help each other to succeed.

    Total Investment: $17

    OTO 2 is a blueprint to create successful WSO created by my mentor Cory Friedman… This is the same Blueprint I used to launch this WSO.

    Total Investment: $37

    Vagex– The service Lenin mentions where you can earn Youtube views for your videos

    You can help me out A LOT if you go HERE and leave me 5-star review on iTunes…it will help us grow our audience and thus make it easier to get AMAZING guests.

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