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    MFM – Episode 95: How to drive more traffic to your websites by embedding external links in your Youtube videos – with Jimmy Mancini

    Interview with Jimmy Mancini. Lot of us use youtube like an online marketing tool. Jimmy will explain us a method to drive traffic with his Youtube External Link Method.


    Wat we talk in the show

    Youtube External Link Method (affiliate)- Jimmy’s way of putting links on your Youtube videos out to external websites

    Hi There!,

    Maybe you’ve heard that you can add links on youtube to internal youtube videos or channels? (BORING !!!)

    Ok this NOT about that, this is the real deal, can you imagine how much money and traffic you can get if you can add a REAL clickable link on any youtube Video!!!

    This time I wont write a LOoooooong sales letter because I know that you are a clever marketer and you already know the value of this!

    This is NOT:

    X Nothing to do with adwords to add your own ad (tss, tss!)

    X Nothing to do with Linkedtube (no,no,no!!)

    X Nothing to do with adding watermarked links (lol!)

    X Nothing to do with showing the video on our own site and adding some CSS or whatever to add links (come on!)

    X Nothing to do with buying some special software or a custom player to do it … (get out!)


    Is this blackhat?

    Not at all! youtube is happy about it … and you’ll be too!

    What is it about?

    This is about adding real CLICKABLE links to any website you want from a YOUTUBE video! the links are embedded on the VIDEO! the best part for FREE!!!

    Here is an example:

    Try it by yourself!

    Jimmy’s previous interview

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