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    MFM – Episode 96: How to Make Professional Marketing Videos with NO Prior Experience – with Bertram Heath Sr.

    MFM - Episode 96: How to Make Professional Marketing Videos with NO Prior Experience – with Bertram Heath Sr.

    Interview with Bertram Heath Sr.

    He will tell us about making marketing videos. We will talk about all aspects of making videos for the internet.


    Wat we talk in the show

    The Video Slayer (affiliate)- Bertram’s video marketing course DISCOUNTED UNTIL FRIDAY AFTERNOON

    MIKE: Hi there everyone welcome to episode 96 of the Mike from Maine Show the place where we do daily interviews with successful entrepreneurs; this is your host Mike Thomas. And today on the show I have Bertram Heath Sr. on to talk about making videos specifically for marketing. He has a unique background in the fact that he actually was a plumber and didn’t have any experience about making a video making online. And he has come up with a product that is completely all encompassing. And it’s just so huge when it comes to talking about all the different aspects of making videos for internet. So I have him on today to talk about that I hope you enjoy it. So I am here with Bertram Heath Sr., Bertram welcome to the show!


    BERTRAM: Hi Mike. Thanks for having me.

    MIKE: Let’s start right off by having you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

    BETRAM: All right, well thank you. Well I am an internet marketer. I consider myself a product creator more than a marketer. But I love video so most of what I teach online is either video related or video creation/video marketing. But I have created some other products and of course they were video related as well. I don’t, well it’s a long story because I don’t have a video background. To be quite honest I don’t know a lot about what people call real video or real life video meaning television and movies. There are a lot of guys out there that do have a real life video background. My experience is marketing video. My experience is online video, which is totally different and I am sure you know because you do a lot of video. But even live video like we are doing now is quite different than television or studio quality video. I was actually a plumber for 23 years, people laugh when I say that. And that was not long ago because as you can see I am not 80 right! So I don’t have 40 years of video experience. I actually got my start out of, well before high school as a stone mason.

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