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    The Importance of Backlinks For Search Engine Optimization

    A regular question asked by many readers of Your Boss Blows is how important are backlinks these days and is it worth it to get them or not.

    Back in the day all you needed was to optimize your website, make sure all your title tags and keywords were in place and that your primary keywords were sprinkled throughout your website to ensure good rankings.  Backlinks later were given a lot of weight by search engine algorithms to determine the authority of a website.

    Up until a few years ago, that is all you really needed to get a website to rank.

    Those days are long gone, and although backlinks might not be as important as they used to be, they are still very important when trying to get a website to rank.

    The primary changes are that the backlinks must come from authority website and be organic.  You can’t just stuff your link in to a website anymore and expect them to add any value.

    What Backlinks Are Important?

    Natural links are more important than those created by webmasters artificially.  You want them to be natural, but you still need to do artificially create them as well.  You can’t count on others to create backlinks through social media and sharing, sometimes you have to help the process along.

    The quality of your content has never been more important when attempting to get back links.  Epic content that is shared and distributed by your readers are always going to be the most natural and give you the search engines the most weight when determining the relevance of your website.

    You can generate your own back links by guest posting articles on authority websites related in your niche.  Some people still use article directories, but after the last few Google algorithm updates, I really wouldn’t suggest it as many of those websites have become blacklisted and can actually hurt your ranking.  Don’t spin articles, just create high quality, epic content.

    The Importance Of Backlinks:

    Not only will good backlinks send you quality visitors and potential readers, they will also increase the authority of your website with the search engines.  If you have great user engagement, low jump rates and retweeted and shared articles, your website will be introduced to new visitors and help in the rankings for your primary keywords.

    The more you write on particular topic and become an expert in an area, you will develop even better quality content.  The more valuable it become, people will provide links to it and you will start to see backlinks being created naturally.

    It doesn’t hurt from time to time to help the process along by being active in social and making guest blog posts on other websites.  Just don’t get frustrated and give up all together.

    Backlinks are still very important and you should be actively seeking them out when possible.

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows


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