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    Episode 3a: Setting Goals, Chunking & Mind Maps

    Episode 3a - Make Money Online

    Set some goals, chunk them down and use mind maps to get them done!  You really need to retain focus and get things done to make money online.

    Setting Goals

    This week on Episode 3 I am going to talk about what you want to do so you can maintain your focus as an entrepreneur. Always attracted to what is shiny and new distracts us – catches our attention, but you really need to stay focused if you are going to make money and be a successful Internet marketer and successful affiliate marketer. What I want to start you off with is just about setting some goals.

    If you just walked into this doing research and you are not 100 percent sure of the direction you are going to take, then I really suggest doing what I mentioned last week – the Amazon and EBay stuff. That is going to get you right into doing affiliate marketing and you will get a little taste of success and you will never go back. Once you make your first $1 – and everyone remembers their first $1 that they made off of the Internet – you will start setting goals like I need $10 a day. I need $100 a day. I need $500 a day. I need $1,000 a day. It does not have to be just money goals, but it is the simplest way for me. I don’t know why I have always thought in dollars. It is the easiest way I set most of my goals. Of course, completing projects is always very rewarding.


    If you instead have a huge to-do list with billions of things to do, it is good to set a goal for something that you want to get completed and then break down that goal into smaller goals or smaller lists. It is called chunking. If you have something that is going to take you a week to get done, you are going to want to break it down into steps – maybe by day and then break those down further into hourly things, or by task. You could say I need to get this domain name, Step 1. If you break it down that way, the chance of you getting things done is phenomenally higher than not setting up your goals that way. So, you are going to want to do that.

    I am also going to talk about my office set up and how you can get more work done at home if you are just doing this part time. You are not going to have an office dedicated towards making money online or affiliate marketing, Internet marketing. So, I am going to talk to you a little bit about that. This is going to be a little bit of a shorter show because I am going to really start driving into the step-by-step instructions. I thought there were a few more things I needed to cover and I am going to try to put out all these videos at once. I am not going to let them trickle out once every week or once every month. I am going to try and put them all out at the same time. Chances are you will just be watching these in order anyhow.



    One thing that I did was that in addition to the chunking is I have been using some software. It is called MindMeister. You could use it to set out your projects and then you can go in there and edit. It is very easy just to add additional trees off of the main tree whether is it an item or goal. It is really simple to use and so if you have this huge list. I mean I am constantly breaking down my projects into chunks and sometimes I will have a page and I will be chunking it down trying to keep it all as neat as possible and by the time I get to it, it looks complete messy. It is hard to set the due dates and things like that and I just recently started using My Meister.

    By the time I finish setting up my structure, I can print it out and it is like a table of contents. It gives me my outline of exactly what I need to do. I use it for developing shows, like what I would like talk about. It gives me that structure on what I would like to talk about, where I am going with my ideas, so I can remain focused on everything I want to cover. It is a really good program. You can get it for free at usemindmapping.com or check out the show notes.

    That is one good service I use, but what I really like to make me really more productive is to buy hardware – those small notebook computers. Those could really increase your productivity. The way that I use them is I use it whenever I am going to get my oil changed or I am working at night and/or early in the morning or I have a quick idea I want to swap something out. I try not to spend all of my extra time just work, work, work because I do have children and a wife and I like to have fun and that’s the joy of being self-employed and being an entrepreneur and earning passive income. It does free up the time so you could do whatever you want whenever you want, but you still have to work hard. It is not super easy.


     The Key is to get STARTED!

    The more that you do things, the more opportunities are going to open up to you. The more you put yourself out there, you are just going to get more and more opportunities. You will brainstorm for new ideas. You will meet people through doing the Internet marketing or affiliate marketing that will help you and give you free tips and advice. You learn stuff left and right when you are online.

    This podcast continues on to the Episode 3b

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    Thank you!

    Bryan Knowlton

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