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    Episode 3a: Goal Setting, Chunking & Mind Mapping

    Episode 3a - Make Money Online

    In this episode I teach you how to set realistic goals and use chunking to get ahead. I also talk to you about a powerful mind mapping tool that I use when starting a new project  make money online  .       .

    I am Bryan Knowlton with yourbossblows.com. This is Episode No. 3. I hope since the last time you really thought about the whole EBay and the Amazon review stuff. If you have not gotten those products to give you the competitive edge, just go to the show notes. They are in there. You could get them at any time. I really suggest it.

    Setting Goals to Earn Money Online

    This week on Episode 3a: Goal Setting, Chunking & Mind Mapping, I am going to talk about what you want to do so you can maintain your focus as an entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs we are always attracted to what is shiny and new. A new way about how to  make money online  or do a new type of marketing will often catch our attention and cause a distraction. But you have to stay focused if you are going to earn money online and be a successful Internet marketer and successful affiliate marketer. It would be great if you can take some time aside right now, before you get started in your quest to earn money online and start setting goals.

    If you just walked into this doing research and you are not 100% sure of the direction you are going to take, then I really suggest doing what I mentioned last week – the Amazon and EBay stuff. That is going to get you right into doing affiliate marketing and you will get a little taste of success and you will never go back.

    Once you make your first $1 – and everyone remembers their first $1 that they made off of the Internet – you will start setting goals like:

    • $10 a day by July 15th
    • 1000 members on my list in February
    • $100 a day in December
    • 5 new product reviews per week
    • 1 blog post a week
    • 10 article submissions a week
    • 2 guest blog posts a month
    • 1 printed magazine submission a month

    This is really what you need to do in the beginning. Set obtainable goals that you will be able to complete with some good old fashioned hard work. You don’t want to set to easy of goals to submit, you definitely want to push yourself, but don’t overdue it. Nothing will stop your progress more than if your goals start to back up and pretty soon you are missing a bunch of goals and just give up. You also need to break down your goals so they are obtainable and you know what steps will be required prior to starting. This will help you to obtain your goals.

    Chunking will help you get the job done!

    If you have a huge to-do list with billions of things to do, you really need to set up goals for each of them break down that goal into smaller goals or smaller lists. It is called chunking. If you have something that is going to take you a week to get done, you are going to want to break it down into much smaller steps; maybe by day and then break those down further into hourly tasks. Getting each task completed will make you feel GREAT and will keep the ball rolling. Just imagine going down that checklist and GETTING THINGS DONE! You are now on the road to making money online.

    MindMeister – mapping your mind

    In addition to the chunking, I have been using some software that helps me stay focused and get the job done. It is called MindMeister. You could use it to set out your projects and then you can go in there and edit. It is very easy just to add additional trees off of the main tree whether is it an item or goal. It is really simple to use. I am constantly breaking down my projects into chunks and sometimes I will be writing things down on paper and trying to keep it all as neat as possible. By the time I get finished, it looks completely messy. It is hard to set the due dates and things like that and I just recently started using My Meister.

    It is very powerful software. It might even give you the ability to send reminders and when things are going to become due. I have heard different little things about it. Right now I am just using it for developing an idea for chunking things down. I also write information products for appraisers. When I start to write my information product, say it is going to be a book about how to get more Internet work off the Internet. That is my title and I will start going down through the different steps that I use to get more business off the Internet and it could be through just posting to Craigslist. It could be through search engine optimization of my web site. It could be by locating attorneys and even bail bondsman and estate managers. There are tons of different ways that you can do it. What I will do is put that down into a Mind Map and it is really easy to organize that way. You could even do three. This tree is like three deep. You could keep going and keep going and by the time you finish, you could type in whole text in there if you like.

    By the time I finish setting up my structure, I can print it out and it is like a table of contents. It gives me my outline of exactly what I need to do. I use it for developing shows, like what I would like talk about. It gives me that structure on what I would like to talk about, where I am going with my ideas, so I can remain focused on everything I want to cover. It is a really good program. You can get it for free at usemymapping.com or check out the show notes.

    That is one good service I use, but what I really like to make me really more productive is to buy hardware – those small notebook computers. Those could really increase your productivity. The way that I use them is I use it whenever I am going to get my oil changed or I am working at night and/or early in the morning or I have a quick idea I want to swap something out. I try not to spend all of my extra time just work, work from home , work because I do have children and a wife and I like to have fun and that’s the joy of being self-employed and being an entrepreneur and earning passive income. It does free up the time so you could do whatever you want whenever you want, but you still have to work hard. It is not super easy.

    As I stated before, it is not a get rich quick unless you really just stumble upon something that happens to be hot, hot, hot, but it does require a lot of work. The amount of return that you see is going to directly coincide with how much work you put into it. I have talked to people that have tried affiliate marketing in the past or done Internet marketing and they have said I just did not have any success. I did not have the time to put into it. I tried it for a little while and then just gave up. If you want this to be your fulltime gig in the future, then you need to commit the time to making it happen and it comes down to dedication. If you really need it to happen, then you will make it happen. That is what it comes down to.

    Sometimes it is hard when you are already employed. You have a job and you are thinking I am going to do this on the side. You put in a little bit of work here and there. You are still making money online . You are able to pay your bills, so you say I will get to that tomorrow. You will be surprised how fast and how productive and how quickly you can turn things around when you are not in that situation. If you are going to lose your house or you just lost your job or you cannot make ends meet, you are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that gets done – that t you do not perfuse your situation unless you just give up.

    Unfortunately a lot of people do that, but there is a lot of time in the day that you could focus towards making money online or I would not even be here telling you that it is possible. I am sure you already know that it is possible. Otherwise, you would not be watching these videos. But it is very possible. It just takes time. It takes work and the harder you work, the quicker it is going to happen. If you really think about how much time you have, maybe you have a job, say working eight hours a day, how much time do you sleep, maybe sleep eight hours a day, food, eating, all that stuff, maybe another hour or two a day. You can usually break down how much time that you have on a daily basis to get things done and I know when I was stuck in a really bad situation where I was going to lose everything, I worked my butt off and I turned my life around very quickly. I am now doing way better than I could have ever imagined back then. You just have to work hard. Just work hard at it. Get started – Step No. 1 and just work hard and good things will happen.

    The more that you do things, the more opportunities are going to open up to you. The more you put yourself out there, you are just going to get more earn money online and more opportunities. You will brainstorm for new ideas. You will meet people through doing the Internet marketing or affiliate marketing that will help you and give you free tips and advice. You learn stuff left and right when you are online.

    I listen to quite a few Podcasts while I am doing my appraisals when I am driving around. I do not really listen to them other than that, but I pick up a lot of good information. I have actually spoke with a couple of people that do the shows and not everyone is trying to sell you something all the time. I mention affiliate links through my shows from time to time to hopefully cover the expense of the video. The videos are very expensive.


    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows

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    Jerry January 9, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Goals are very important for many of the reasons you mention. However, setting them requires some understanding of what is attainable and what is not. Goal setting also assumes you have a good grasp of the mechanics behind getting “$10/day by X date” or how many article submissions it takes to reach $100 in revenue.

    As a newby in the process I think I mentioned earlier I still don’t know what I don’t know so setting goals on unknown actions could actually be counter productive.

    Just a thought.


    Bryan January 11, 2013 at 1:22 am

    That is true. You will definitely be learning along the way. Your goals might be simple one in the beginning like just buying a domain name, getting hosting, getting your first blog or website up. Nothing is set in stone, it is easier to learn by your mistakes than never to make a mistake.

    Because I already have the knowledge, I do set traffic and $$$ goals frequently. But one of your first goals might be to learn keyword research by a certain date.

    You might also want to set a goal for getting your first website up.

    Take baby steps and you will get there!

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    Bryan Knowlton


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