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    MFM – Episode 59: How to do SUPER FAST BUSINESS – with James Schramko

    MFM - Episode 59: How to do SUPER FAST BUSINESS – with James Schramko

    interview with  James Schramko. He will talk about Internet marketing  and how to super-fast business. He tell us his story of going from Mercedes salesman to an online entrepreneur.



    Wat we talk in the show

    SuperFastBusiness.com – James’ website

    Sell The Results


    Check out this video to discover how to effectively sell a product. This week: 00:09 – Selling products by talking about specs 00:27 – The results-based selling method 00:46 – What can your customer get after buying your product? 01:05 –

    How To Increase Your Consulting Rates And Double Your Website Traffic


    An important step to help you increase your site traffic, online safety tips plus updates on FWF 4 Live. Highlights for this video: 00:25 – HACKED! 01:42 – Get your FWF 4 Live ticket here and save 02:04 – Special guests announced for FWF4

    Listener Comments Episode 2


    In this second Listener Comments episode, we hear more from you. SuperFastBusiness fans can leave their feedback, questions, and I answer them.    In this podcast episode: 01:08 – About the yoga minute 02:25 – What are the best …

    Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

    Without a clear mindset the game is over before it starts. The single most important foundation for a successful business is managing your mind. Reduce information overload Increase clarity around making choices Think like a wealthy …

    Do You Know Where Your Sales Are Coming From?

    As a marketer you need to know: The source leading to your best sales What to focus on to get the best return from your marketing efforts How to reduce wasted  effort When you’re actually tracking your conversions you can make better …

    Lessons Learned From A Lunatic Whilst Running a 100 Million Dollar Company

    Imagine the education you can get working in a 100 million dollar a year business… Ideal for business owners and business entrepreneurs, these 12 short videos presented on a convenient streaming digital video player will enlighten and …

    New Reseller Website Packages


    The new package that everyone has been waiting for is coming soon! This week: 00:14 – What you get with the new ATLWeb 5 hour pack 01:35 – Expect exclusive industry-specific themed websites 02:38 – Do you want an established mature



    WSO of the Day – Never Before Could You Build Squidoo+Amazon Lenses This FAST!

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