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    MFM – Episode 60: How Anton Kraly turned $29 into $1.8 million while working four hours a day

    MFM - Episode 60: How Anton Kraly turned $29 into $1.8 million while working four hours a day

    Interview with Anton Kraly. He will speak  about his super-successful drop shipping company.

    His beginnings on  e-Bay  and how he worked his way up to $1.8 million in sales.



    Wat we talk in the show

    The Four Hour System (affiliate)- Anton’s drop shipping course


    Let me start by saying I feel extremely honored to be able to share my personal story with you…

    If you are on this website I would bet that you are in a similar situation to where I was almost seven years ago.  Trapped in a 9 -5 job, living paycheck to paycheck but knowing that there is more out there for you.  Knowing that you deserve more out of life and knowing that you have what it takes to achieve it.

    And if you are like me you will stay at that job for the security of your paycheck. You will research different ways to make money online but you will be afraid to really “pull the trigger”. Afraid to fully immerse yourself in a new business venture due to fear of failure.

    I need you now to suspend that disbelief for at least the next few moments.


    Alksense.com – Anton’s website

    Four Hour Millionaires Training Course – Product Creation Process
    As many readers know, I make money online using various Internet Marketing channels.

    The Four Hour Millionaires training course is a new Clickbank product that I just released this past Saturday (12/1/2012) which outlines everything I do to make money via eCommerce while working four hours or less per day.

    I’ve thought about creating this course since I first starting making REAL money online but the timing was never right.  I was hesitant because although I know my techniques work, I didn’t know if I would be able to clearly explain how I do what I do to people who want to learn.

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