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    Top SEO Practices for 2013

    Top 5 SEO Practices for 2013

    1. Google Author Rank will impact search and placement

    After Google+ launched the rel=”author” markup, enabling you as an author to link up all the articles you published you started to see a lot of smiling faces in the search engine results.  You can see that google is using this as a link of authority and makes your authority more known to the public.

    Instead of the long gone Page Rank, Author Rank will be a primary indicator for ranking, you must claim authorship of all your content with the Google author rank markup.  If you have any questions on how to do this, please leave a comment below and I will decide if I should create a new post just on the Author Rank Markup.

    2. Guest posting will most likely be devalued by Google.

    Although people are starting believe guest posting to enhance search ranking results will diminish, you will still be able to expand your followers and fan base by providing high quality content.  High value content has it’s way of getting shared and will help you either way.  There has just been way too many ‘spammy’ guest posts that google has decided to lower the overall weight in their algorithm.  Make sure you are not guest posting in bad neighborhoods, that will also get you in to trouble.

    3. Social signals are becoming a primary indicator of SERPs.

    With the continuing boom of social media, Google is using these channels to position content in the search engines, Google+ and all the other social networks will only help get your message out to the masses.  If you receive significant retweets, shares and exposure will give you some additional SEO.

    Again, the spammy manipulation of shares, facebook likes and recommendations can hurt you, so don’t do it.

    4. Personalized Search Results

    Google is always working to provide the most accurate search results.  Google will identify the location and search engine activities to provide more refined search results for each user.  You might start to see different results coming for different users searching for the same keywords based on their prior search history and location.

    5. Bad grammar will get tossed, Titles and descriptions will be tested

    With all the spinning going on, numerous articles, website and even technical aspects including title and description tags are flooded with poor grammar.  Google is hunting down these websites that are solely created to advertise brands without providing any value of to the end user.  These types of sites have already taken a big hit and there will be many more to come until Google weeds them all out.

    Continue to create high value content, don’t focus on gaming the search engines and you will do well.  You still want to incorporate the basics of SEO in to your website to help customers find your information as well as help the search engines to determine exactly what you are offering.  Just don’t attempt to game the system.

    Thanks again for being a reader!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows



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