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    Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Writing Review Articles

    One of the top ways I used to make money online was by writing reviews of Amazon products.  I used to talk about the Amazonian Profit Plan which you can still get along with a whole bunch of additional affiliate marketing tools and techniques by following that link.

    The problem comes when you focus on making sales more than providing a long detailed and valuable review of a product.  One of the best ways here is to write an actual review without thinking of making any money off the review.  That will always help you to focus on the most valuable information needed in the review.

    You also need to be practical and you can’t afford to not make sales.  So the key is to find a balance between providing the highest value to your readers and making sales.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and imagine what they are looking for and how you can help them.  Personalize the information and make sure the reader can hear your unique voice.  You don’t want to bore them with too much technical information unless you provide an equal amount of your personality.

    The top mistakes I see being made all the time are listed below.  You can easily fix this by solving the problem and making it your own.

    1. Too Much Like An Advertisement

    The main goal you should have when writing a review is to put it in your own unique voice, kind of like you were telling a friend about the product.  Don’t make it sound like the manufacturer wrote it.

    Too much techncal information and BUY HERE type calls to action will only result with people finding a more personable review.  Again, make it your own, don’t try and force the sell.  Provide valuable information with your personality and you will see much better results than trying to make a hard sell.

    2. Not Personal Enough

    This is by far the most common mistake and why I have mentioned it numerous times already.  Even if you don’t own the product and have never used it, you can still relate to it or provide information from a friend or owners point of view.  You want people know there is an actual person behind the review.

    Video works REALLY well in both of ranking the video as well as helping the website to rank.  Try and provide a short video review whenever possible.

    3. Too Many Ads

    It took me a long time to get out of the ‘hard sell’ mentality.  In the early days of the internet there wasn’t as much competition and it was very easy to make sales online.  I would place advertiserments all over the page and make money from most of them.

    Long gone are those glory days of making money online and you will find that by replacing your banner advertisements with a simple text link you will generate more sales.  Of course you want to have product images and you can even have an amazon banner up there, but you will find the text links produce the best results.

    The soft well technique has been wonderful for me and my business. Not only is it more fun to deliver valuable information and provide a simple link for more information or to see if there is an existing sale going on, but I also tend to make a lot more sales using this technique.  So be yourself, act like you are talking to a friend and provide a simple text link or links to get more information.

    4. Too Short of a Review

    Back in the day you could get away with a small 300 word review of a product and some images.  But it was just never enough information to help a buyer make a decision.  These days people are providing feedback from other customers, ratings, reviews and product comparisons as well as a complete review of around 1000 words that provides a ton of great information.

    Some products will require far more than 1000 words.  If you find you have a ton of technical information, you can provide a section for this.  If you need comments from other buyers, provide another section for this.  Just make it easy to recognize the format on your page and provide enough information in your own words on what you found out in the review.  Again, videos work really well in this area as well.  If you are selling very high priced items, make sure to provide a ton of information to help them make their decision.  If they go somewhere else to find more information, most likely they will end up making the purchase through another marketers affiliate link as well.

    5. Too Many Negatives

    Some people want to provide a lot of information on the Pros and Cons.  That is a good technique to use because someone might not believe your review if it is 100% positive.  But if you end up focusing on too many negatives, that is a very quick way of killing your sale.

    If you come across a product on Amazon that has a bunch of negative reviews, it would be a good idea to pick a different product than to write an article about how poor it is.  Unless you are offering the best alternative for around the same price.  That could end up being a really good review.

    A negative could also be turned in to a positive.  For example in a review of a vacuum cleaner you find customers complaining about too much noise… If the vacuum cleaner also has very high comments on how well it works you can spin that in to a positive note.  ‘Although this vacuum is on the loud side, this vacuum really has some incredible suction.’, etc…

    Some Additional Tips on Writing Reviews

    Some final tips…

    • Use Images – It is a good idea to have plenty of images that link directly to the product on Amazon or whatever affiliate network you are using.  More the better.
    • Use the word ‘review’ into the title of your post since most poeple use the word ‘review’ when searching in Google.
    • Don’t make a messy review and leave a lot of white space.  White space just makes a page a lot easier to read and won’t discourage readers.
    • Sub-headings go a long way in writing a review.  People will find the information they are looking for much easier.

    So, if you have ever thought about making money online by writing product reviews, these tips should help you quite a bit.  If you would like to check out the Amazonian Profit Plan and all the incredible tools that are now offered with access to the book, you can check it out here.

    Thanks again and hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows



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