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    Episode 3b: Getting Ready and Organized

    Episode 3b - Make Money Online

    Get Ready, Get Organized and Get the Money.  I lay out the steps I follow to get ready on a new project on how to make money online and how I set up my office.  There are some great FREE products that can help.

    Providing Value is the Key
    I listen to a lot of different podcasts and the people I listen to are not constantly pushing products and services and trying to get you to go to their $1,000 seminars or mentoring program. Just as I do, they will mention different affiliate products or services where they get a small commission of what is sold. This is to cover the cost of the video expenses since the file sizes are huge. If you are planning to get into affiliate marketing using video, you need to find a service where you will be able to put those videos up for free and not totally get booted off it. If you are providing value and good service, you will probably be able to put them up on video sharing sites like You Tube and such, but they are fairly short.

    For me to be able to produce these videos make money online, I need to pay for my own bandwidth and my own hosting of the videos. Since they are going on Roku and other internet TV services, I need to also cover the cost of that bandwidth. That is why I mention different affiliate products I use. Hopefully, if you decide to purchase them, they will kick back a little bit of that sale to me. It is usually a very small percentage but it all adds up. If I can open your doors to affiliate marketing you will come back in the future and who knows, maybe we will do business together. We will see how everything goes. What I really would like is if you could give me your feedback on the show. If you have any questions or comments, go to yourbossblows.com and put them there.

    Using a Netbook
    If you are doing this and you have a laptop computer, I really like the idea of working off the little notebook computers because they are really small and compact. You can take them anywhere. You do not look super goofy walking around all over town with this little tiny netbook. They are small and they can go anywhere. You can get a cool little case that looks like a day planner or something. I just really like using those products. The key though is to get one that has a good amount of memory. If it does not come with at least 2 gig or more, you could always buy it. It is really easy to open up the back and slide in a different memory chip. Those are the drawbacks to having one of those. You do not want to make it a full-time computer, but it is a good extra computer to have.  For a list of great netbook computers that are currently on sale, please visit – Netbook Computer Sales on Buy.com

    Get Serious
    I could have a couple different information sources open, to include my blogs and my affiliate programs. It saves you a ton of time and it really does not cost that much. The monitors I have are like 21 inches, but they look like 21 to 23 inches. They are only like $125.00 and the display adapter is just a little video splitter that plugs into my laptop. I could have it go through USB. It is not a splitter, just a USB adapter. I have one coming off the laptop display and then the other one through the USB display. It works out really well. I could have three monitors if I want. If I wanted to use my laptop monitor too, but that I tried it for like a day and it was just totally different size, distracting off to the side, just didn’t work, but that will speed up your productivity quite a bit. But you want to have it at a nice quiet location inside of your house, away from all the distractions, no TV. If you are really serious about getting this done you are not going to be sitting in front of the TV working on your laptop, it just does not work. I mean you are going to be so distracted it is going to take you forever to get anything done. If you are just clearing out email or doing some random stuff, then, you could probably sit down with the wife and kids while everyone’s watching TV, and do some random stuff. But if you want to get work done, the sooner that you get an area set aside inside of your house, the quicker you will start making money online. Just away from everything, away from the distractions, and set a time that you are going to do it. Make it just like a job.

    This is your new job, if you really want it to work. Set those hours. If you are going to wake up every day at 4:00 and work a few hours before you go into work, then do that. If you are going to work in the evening after everyone goes to sleep, do that, but set the time, set the hours. If you are single, or unemployed, then you can start tomorrow and you could work non-stop until you make your first buck, and you could not give up at all and you will be surprised by next week, you will have money coming in.

    Password Management
    So there are a lot of things that you could do, but you need to stay focused. You need to be very productive and having that extra computer on your lap or when you are out getting an oil change, or before or after work, even at work during little coffee breaks, if you are not able to schedule that time because of constraints or anything like that you will still be able to get that work done and that little notebook computer will help you. I own all those computers. I think that is what I was starting on before. As I said, I have this computer here, a notebook at home, and a desktop at home. I use Robo Form for all my password management. I think I might have mentioned it on a show before. You could get all the information at freepasswordmanagement.com, but Robo Form is amazing. I know I said it before because I remember saying it before. I have 300, 400, I have so many passwords. It is probably closer to 500 or something, but you could click right down here, you can click on the log in. It is going to bring every website that you have a log in to. I have to go onto the next page. So I have six columns full of user names and passwords.

    Drop Box
    The other software I use is Drop Box. I cannot live without it. Drop Box, if you have not heard of it, is just cloud storage, and it is free cloud storage. You get up to 2 gigabytes of data and if you use it efficiently you will never go over the 2 gigabytes. You do not need to store stuff there. You could, but you do not need to store big stuff there. You can put stuff that you are always accessing and changing, and stuff, like if I am working on new projects, writing books or whatever, I will keep all that stuff there so I can locate it from any computer. Anything that I am currently working on I keep on Drop Box, and you could access it from any computer. Lately I have been writing some new information products for appraisers. So I will work on it a little bit at home and then I will work on it a little bit on the desktop, and I will work on it a little bit on my notebook, and I am accessing the same file every time. So I do not have to hunt it down. I do not have to email it to myself. So that is a really good time saver. Other people use it for storing everything, put all their music on there. It can not be very expensive. People use it for gigantic files. A lot of people even do it for video editing, so a file like this might be like 700/800 gigs. They will just put them up there and then someone else could access it. You could give a temporary user name, password to someone else. It is different from giving access a public area and they could edit it and send it back to you. There are tons of different reasons to use Drop Box and if you ever come into a situation where you need to give someone large files, it is great for that. You do not have to email stuff. You could just email a link directly to your Drop Box folder that they will have temporary access to only that folder, not the whole thing. They will not be able to see everything. So it is just great. So check that out too at dropbox.com.

    So that is going to give you some direction this week. What I would really like you to do this week is just get something done. I really suggest you try the Amazon review stuff. It is going to take you a little extra work, but it is going to teach you the foundation of affiliate marketing. You are going to learn about the domaining, the hosting, that is really going to get you off the ground. If your first couple projects you are not going to make a bunch of money off of. If you really know about a certain type of product , like power tools, as I stated before, or you have an expensive hobby, you are going to be able to write about those items with authority and you do not ever want to just cut and paste, and copy anyone’s information. You want to create value, create your own contact. If you copy someone else’s it is not going to get into the search engines anyhow and you might even get sued.

    Until next time, please visit yourbossblows.com and sign up for the newsletter and please give me any comments or questions. If you have any show ideas or if you have anything that, if you have any questions on what I have already spoken about, that’s great. If you would like to help me out in any way, like say hey Bryan, stop saying I’m so much, or, you know, so I’m working on those issues, and any ideas. Anything, any type of feedback. I answer all emails. I really want to help you out and until next time – just do it.


    Thank you!

    Bryan Knowlton

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