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    Getting Traffic Using Press Releases

    Using online press releases are a great way of getting traffic and adding fresh content to your website.   By using press release services, you can get your content out to news websites.

    One of the best ways to get natural search rankings and traffic is by writing and posting optimized press releases.  Press Releases if done correctly can generate massive amounts of traffic and get you the #1 position in Google.

    Google is especially pushing press releases to the top of the search engines results when users search for keywords contained in the title and body of the release.  Press releases and news releases can remain in the top position for months depending on how much additional follow up work you get to your press release with back links and sharing across multiple social networks.

    Press releases provide fresh content for the search engines.  Here is a list of some of the more popular press release services.

    • PR Newswire – One of the more popular press release services, PR Newswire has great distribution but has higher pricing than other services.
    • PRWeb – One of the best discounted distribution services and offer some great SEO features.
    • PressDoc – Very inexpensive and easy to use press release service.  Great to have in addition to any other service or on it’s own.

    Additional Tips:

    • Provide an image in your press releases, many also allow you to include a video link as well.
    • Include a link to your press release from your website for better rankings.
    • Consider getting back-links directly to the press release to keep it in the search engines longer.
    • Share your press release across multiple social networks to maximize exposure and ranking.
    • Create interest, don’t just state the facts.
    • Provide a call to action
    • Keep the Press Release easy to read and provide a summary
    • Target your release to a specific audience
    • Be direct and to the point
    • Create an interesting angle for user engagement
    • Press release should be newsworthy and up to date
    • Keep the first lead paragraph short and simple – Catch their attention
    • Include your target keywords in the title, subheader and body of the release
    • Provide contact details at the end of the release
    • Put your keywords in the lead paragraph, especially the first sentance
    • 3-4 paragraphs max
    • Try submitting the release to StumbleUpon, Digg and other social bookmarking sites.

    If used correctly, you will greatly benefit by creating press releases frequently.  Some of the more recent press releases I have created for a variety of products, websites and affiliate programs include:

    YouTube Now Allows Producers To Link To External Website From Within Videos (news)

    YouTube Now Allows Producers To Link To External Website From Within Videos (press release)

    GoPro Hero 3 Becomes Official Sponsor of 2013 SLS Nike Skateboarding Tour

    New Video Teaches How To Earn Money on YouTube

    Best Appraisal Management Company Directory Updated (press release)

    Best Appraisal Management Company Directory Updated (news)

    DirectTV announces DirectTV & Internet bundle for only $59.95 a month and bids over $1 billion for Hulu

    New Video Teaches How To Earn Money on YouTube

    I hope that helps give you a good idea on how to use press releases to drive traffic to your website and affiliate offers.

    If you want to get started without spending any money, PressDoc has a 2 week free trial and you can post a few for free! Give it a try!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Your Boss Blows



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