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    MFM – Ep 17: Steve Scott Stopped Blogging to Start Publishing for Kindle

    MFM - Episode 17: Why Steve Scott is transitioning from blogging to Kindle publishing…and why you should too

    The following interview I’m with with  Authority site Master, Steve Scott.

    We talk about how Steve started making money on the Internet by selling evil eye jewelry on eBay.

    He will also tell us why Steve Scott is transitioning from blogging to Kindle publishing

    and many other things.

    Therefore you must watch the interview!


    What’s in the interview?

    1. What direction is Steve taking his business in?

    2. How can you use a WSO to help launch a Kindle book?

    3.  How much is Steve making from publishing on Kindle?

      Wat we talk in the show

    How To Discover Best Selling Kindle Amazon Book Ideas (affiliate link) – Steve’s new book out on Kindle.

    “Proven Internet Business Strategies for the Price of a Coffee”

    Quality information shouldn’t be expensive. The so-called ‘Internet gurus’ love to charge exorbitant prices; knowing this prevents many average folks from achieving success online. What you need (and what Steve provides) is a variety of detailed strategies — Each designed to help you solve a specific Internet business obstacle.Steve writes his books for a variety of Internet entrepreneurs: Nonfiction eBook authors, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. What separates him from other digital publishers is his ability to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. He doesn’t promise the world. But always delivers step-by-step strategies you can immediately implement.

    In his spare time, Steve likes to travel, run marathons, read, and talk about himself in the third person.

    Want to know more?


    Steve’s website

    Rich Dad Poor Dad (affiliate link) – I highly recommend this book if you want to change the way you look at education and preparing yourself for the “real world”.

    The debate about Niche sites vs. Authority sites Steve and I did on Adsense Flippers

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