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    Episode 9: Keyword Research Tutorial

    Keyword Research Tutorial

    After months and months of development, we are finally on to my FIRST step-by-step Keyword Research tutorial.  This is the very first step you should be taking when identifying a niche, preparing to write a review or posting a new article.  It gives you to avoid attempting to target for keywords or phrases that you will never rank for and identify great keywords to target that have both a good amount of traffic and low competition.


    I am very excited to say the least!!!

    I can tell you there have been many hurdles I have had to jump through to get to this point, but I have finally overcome them all and should be delivering a ton of new step-by-step videos on how to earn money online!  There were many reasons for the delays, but persistence has paid off and I was finally able to find a competent video editor and cut back on my busy work schedule.

    As I stated in my earlier videos, in addition to being an affiliate marketer with numerous online businesses for over 20 years, I am also a real estate appraiser. I really love being an appraiser and have been making more than ever before doing real estate appraisals for banks and credit unions.Recently I have cut back my hours running the appraisal business to put on live webinars and expand my marketing services to appraisers on my website Appraiser Income.

    In the beginning of this episode I briefly talked about some quick methods you can use to       make some money online. I constantly receive feedback from viewers that need to make some extra cash, RIGHT NOW.

    I made a quick post about this on how you can make money online fast or at least quicker than you might going through all the techniques to create real wealth in the future. Check out the post to find out how you can make money online fast if you just need to make some extra money online. You can supplement your income or you might hit on something to replace your job.

    It is definitely worth checking out.

    Keyword research is the first step you should take when you are looking to buy a domain name, creating a new blog, writing articles or reviews of amazon products.

    You need to size up your competition if you are looking to rank for a keyword or a keyword phrase and determine if you can get in to the top position of Google. Google has all the traffic. if you are in the top 5 or 10 spots in Google, your page will most likely show up in the top positions on all the other search engines and directories.  You can search and find the Google external keyword tool to do a lot of this research and identify how much terms are searched for make money online and a very limited amount of competition data for that keyword or phrase. You can also identify additional keywords to target that you might never have thought about.

    You can easily spend hours doing keyword research to identify keywords to target, but when it all comes down to it, the Google External keyword tool does not provide you with enough information on the competition. You will need to get some addition plug-ins or manually search the keywords or phrases, check the competitions websites and identify how difficult it will be a keyword or phrase to rank for.

    Remember, your number one goal is to rank #1 for your keyword phrase, but without spending hours of manual research with the Google External Keyword tool, you won’t know if you will ever be able to rank in the top positions.

    You can quickly size up the competition by using keyword earn money online research software like Market Samurai. Saving you hours of research time and possibly months or years attempting to target a keyword or search phrase that is just not possible.

    In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to use Market Samurai to do keyword research to find the most profitable and obtainable keywords and keyword search phrases. You will then be able to download your free trial and really test it out yourself.

    In the video I also tell you about different browser plug-ins I use to check backlink data and obtain page rank, inbound and outbound link information and a variety of additional search engine optimization factors so you can get an in-depth look on your competitions websites or blog posts.

    The more information you can get on your competition, the more prepared you will be in every aspect of your getting your website or post up to the top position in Google.

    Why do keyword research?

    • new websites and blogs
    • article marketing
    • blog topics
    • product creation
    • find products to review

    The video goes on to explain in detail how to find the proper keyword or search phrase. When determining what keywords are good, you are looking at 4 different factors.

    Picking good keywords to target come down to 4 factors:

    • relevance
    • traffic
    • competition
    • commerciality

    So, watch the video and please leave me feedback. Since this was my first video tutorial, I know there is some room for improvement and I will be creating new videos in the future about keyword research, but I think this was a great start.


    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows


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    Ruben August 2, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Great Tutorial!


    Bryan August 10, 2012 at 4:05 am

    Thank you! I will be posting an update soon testing out backlink services.



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