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    First Video Tutorial Posted & How to Make Money Online Fast

    I just wanted to post a quick note about my most recent video tutorial on keyword research and some ways you can use to make money online fast.

    I am sure you will enjoy the Keyword Research Video Tutorial and there will be plenty of more videos to come.

    The most exciting news is that I have been able to hire a video editor and a couple virtual assistants to help with this website.

    I will be using the email notification system when I put new shows online so you can either watch them directly from your email or you can always visit my website, the YouTube channel, confirm that you have it delivered via iTunes or watch from your TV at home using ROKU.

    There are many viewing options, I am really trying to use the ‘Be Everywhere’ philosophy I learned from Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income. He is a good resource to check out as well. A very honest guy that gives out a ton of great information. He also has a great story about how he got started making money online. You know me, I always love a good story about making money online.

    In the beginning of this episode I briefly talked about some quick methods you can use to make some money online. I constantly receive feedback from viewers that need to make some extra cash, RIGHT NOW.

    As you know by now, I do not teach ‘Get Rich Quick’ methods. You MIGHT get lucky and hit it right from the start, but for the most of us, you have to put in hard work now to create wealth in the future.

    But so many people are looking to earn some extra cash to supplement their day jobs or because they just want some more money while they are in retirement, so I mentioned a few.

    How to Make Money Online Fast

    1. Sell on Ebay – by far the easiest and fastest way. Sell off things you are no longer using to people that are interested in your stuff. This is really great for collections, collectibles, games, toys, electronics, tools, old hobbies. You can take it up a notch by listing items for people and local businesses. You can even hunt down bargains at swap meets, garage sales and discount stores like big lots and sell that stuff online.
    2. Make some quick bucks at Fiverr.com – you can almost sell anything here from taking photos with a website name written on your body, shaved in to your cat or written in sea shells on the beach. Get creative and you might create a really hot service that you will be able to sell all day long for $5.00 a pop. Some people make a full time living off this website, so check out what it has to offer and get some ideas.
    3. Sell your expertise / skills on Odesk or Elance. If you can provide a service people are willing to pay for, you can get paid per gig or hourly. Charge what you feel you are worth and you will be surprised how much work you can get. If you are a great writer, editor or particularly skilled with photo or editing software this can easily be a full time gig. Programmers are in high demand as well. This is where people go when they are trying to outsource projects, so look around and get some ideas on how you can be of value.
    4. You can still get paid to write articles where you get a commission on the ad revenue that is generated from articles. Not as popular as it once was, you can still make some extra cash posting articles. It is always a good idea to do research on what topics pay the best and to find out what people are interested in reading about. One of the most popular webites eHow.com no longer has a partner program, but you can still find places to get paid to write at textbroker.com and hubpages.com. I think you are better off writing articles on a per job basis on odesk or elance, but it might be worth checking out if it fits your schedule better.

    Keep in mind, you can still make money almost instantly writing reviews of Amazon product or by creating a blog that you can monetize with adsense advertisements, but you need to do your research first, pick topics and products that people are interested in reading about and get to work. If there is a really hot topic or item that you start blogging about or writing reviews about where the market is not completely saturated, you will get traffic and you will make money. If you keep building on that website, it can eventually turn in to a full time income.

    I will be teaching you through these tutorials how to take your ideas to the next level by doing the proper research, creating a website and bringing the customers to your website through search engine optimization and a number of marketing techniques from local search marketing, social marketing, video marketing and even video or podcast creation.

    The basic foundation is Niche Blogging or Niche Marketing. You decided on a niche product or service that you can inform potential customers about to obtain highly targeted traffic that will convert to buyers. By providing high quality and valuable information, you can soft sell (or hard sell) potential customers in to obtaining related products or services from you or your affiliate links.

    You don’t want to start of selling all the power tools in the world, but maybe the best left handed tools available, maybe even the best left handed cordless drills. You can always expand your products or services in the future.

    I think you have the basic idea. Whatever you are selling or promoting, get targeted. You will be able to provide much higher value to your potential customers by providing laser targeted information to your clients.

    I also offer Local Search Marketing Services to high end companies. But I don’t market my local search consulting service to people across the country, even though I could. I only market my services to companies in San Diego looking for local search marketing consultants. If someone contacts me outside of my primary service area, I will still take them on as a client if it works out for the both of us, but I only focus on getting San Diego Local Search Marketing projects.

    I also build websites. I could build websites for anyone, but I only market my website building services to real estate appraisers. I focus all my marketing on finding real estate appraisers that need a professional website presence.

    Enough on this, lets get started with the FIRST KEYWORD RESEARCH TUTORIAL!

    Very excitied. I hope you like it and please leave plenty of feedback and questions!


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