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    Top Searches For Today and Ideas For Blog Posts

    As I stated in an earlier post I was going to try something a little different with this blog for a month and see what technique I like to use the most.  I posted a list of website (some no longer updating, sorry about that!) when I stated I was going in a new direction with Your Boss Blows.

    Since that time I made a couple trending posts and it actually increased traffic.  That was a good thing.  The bad thing is that I quickly ran out of ideas to blog about.  I can blog about a new viral video on YouTube every day, but unless I am giving a specific technique on how you can learn from it, I really don’t want to do that.

    So I found another source for content creation ideas that are new and relevant to what is going on today.  You can find the top searches for today at Soovle.

    Although I would prefer to have them broken down my the actual numbers, it is kinda cool to see them all in alphabetical order.  I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but it is broken down by search engine, including YouTube.  It also seems to be delayed by 24 hours since a lot of mothers day terms popped up.

    If I really wanted to dig deeply in to these I would pick 5-10 and head over to google adwords to see what type of search volume is going on.  But since I am really looking for trending niche keywords, I am skipping that step at the moment.

    I would rather find something interesting to blog about and then incorporate a money making technique or method of making money online with the search terms.

    Hmmm. Well, one of the top search terms is for Powerball.  Since California Powerball just recently started, that got me thinking.

    When the California Lottery first came out, I started a business called ‘The California Lottery Pool’ – my slogan: Dive in to the Cash of the California Lottery Pool

    For about a year I created pools of customers wanting to play the California Lottery.  I would form groups of 25-50 people, collect their money to play as a group.  I charged .50 for a $1.00 ticket, so it was a fun little project on the side.  After a year of having no big wins, I decided the Lottery was a scam and closed down the operation.

    With the popularity of PowerBall though I can think of a whole bunch of products and services that can be offered.  Playing in pools does have it’s rewards, especially when the winnings get so high.  The estimated winning this week is 350 Million.  Wow!

    I might have to create the pool as a private membership website where you join, automatically get assigned to a pool and plays are tracked automatically.  It could be a really good business model.  Not 100% sure of the legalities, but it would be interesting to see how that would work.

    So, if you are stuck coming up with an idea to blog about, check out Soovle for recent and relevant searches.

    Until next time, just do it!

    Bryan Knowtlon


    Your Boss Blows



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