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    Online Event of the Year with Andrew Warner, Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr, Derek Halpern, David Garland and MORE!

    The Online Event of the Year!


    The Talk to the Top


    • The secrets to getting people to share your online content with their peeps (it’s not what you think)
    • How to MAXIMIZE YouTube to bring in raving fans and customers
    • The key to building relationships with key influencers…by interviewing them
    • How to DOMINATE Facebook by turning strangers into fans and fans into super fans
    • How to tap into a HUGE opportunity to grow your audience with Google+ Hangouts
    • It’s what you do away from your website that matters. How to use offsite promotion to bring in more fans.

    When you ask make money  online business builders which areas they struggle with most, you hear two things over and over again: growing an audience and earning revenue.

    If you’re struggling with growing your audience or earning revenue from your site, this event might be exactly what you need.

    Read on for full details and for a juicy special 50% discount just for you!

    The Talk to the Top 2012: Speakers and Agenda

    This is all original content (just actionable content, no pitches) and features 14 fantastic speakers and topics including:

    Andrew-Warner-Founder-Mixergy-square-400-x-400ANDREW WARNER
    Andrew will be speaking on: How To Steal The Mixergy Model & Get Customers To Pay For Your Content

    Amy_PorterfieldAMY PORTERFIELD
    FBInfluence & Facebook Expert
    Amy will be speaking on: The Facebook Audience Growing Formula: How to Turn Strangers into Fans and Fans into Super Fans

    Chemda HeadshotCHEMDA KHALILI
    Keith & The Girl
    Chemda will be speaking on: Membership Only! – Monetize Your Content: Put Up Your Pay Walls & Sleep Well At Night

    CorbettBarrCORBETT BARR (that’s me!)
    Think Traffic
    Corbett will be speaking on: Audience Boosting Strategies: How to Promote Offsite and Grow a Great Audience Quickly

    derek-halpernhsDEREK HALPERN
    Social Triggers
    Derek will be speaking on: Social Triggers: The 5 Psychological Buttons That Entice People To Share Your Content With Their Friends, Family, and Colleagues

    gregory-ng-headshot-office-gregngGREGORY NG
    Freezer Burns
    Gregory will be speaking on: Get Found On YouTube: YouTube SEO 101

    JamesWedmoreJAMES WEDMORE
    Video Traffic Academy
    James will be speaking on: YouTube Marketing: Essential Ingredients for Engaging Videos – How to LEVERAGE The World’s 3rd Largest Website to Increase Your Traffic & Create a Community of Raving Fans!

    LewisHowesLEWIS HOWES
    Inspired Marketing
    Lewis will be speaking on: Supersize Your Audience With Webinars: How To Use Webinars To Grow A Raving Fan Base

    Power Of Pinning
    Melanie will be speaking on: How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Content & Grow Your Audience

    pat_flynn_podcastPAT FLYNN
    Smart Passive Income
    Pat will be speaking on: How to Earn Real Money from Your Online Content: Passive Income Strategies

    RLee_HiRes1(1)_r2_c2RYAN LEE
    Internet Marketing Expert
    Ryan will be speaking on: 7 Ways to Turn Your Platform Into Recurring Revenue

    SriniRaoSRINI RAO
    Srini will be speaking on: Secrets of a Powerful Connector: Building Relationships With Influencers By Interviewing Them

    YifatCohenYIFAT COHEN
    G+ Go To Gal
    Yifat will be speaking on: Google+ Hangouts: 3 Easy Ways to Generate Leads and Send Traffic To Your Site with Google+ Hangouts.

    DavidCroppedDAVID GARLAND (Talk to the Top host)
    The Rise To The Top
    David will be speaking on: Create Awesome Courses – The Secrets To Creating (and promoting) Big Ticket Courses To Bring In HUGE Revenue

    • Very specific bling bling case studies. Learn the exact strategies 6-figure and 7-figure mediaprenuers are using to monetize right now (and steal them for yourself!)
    • This ain’t 2005! How successful mediapreneurs and online marketers are monetizing in 2012.
    • MMWYS: Make money while you sleep by implementing passive income strategies that actually work
    • Learn how to tap into multiple revenue streams including creating VIP memberships and high-ticket digital products and courses.
    • The secrets to getting paid over and over and over and over again through big time reoccurring revenue

    Discount + More Details

    This event is aimed at what David calls “mediapreneurs.” These are content creators, experts, authors, info marketers, Internet Marketers earn money online  , etc.

    Sessions will run live from October 28 to November 2nd. As an attendee, you’ll also get lifetime access to recordings of every session.

    I spoke with David and asked for a discount for all my readers. He agreed, and is offering a full 50% discount on the event from now until this Sunday, October 21st at Midnight Pacific.

    All you have to do is follow this link to get full details and register:


    Then enter the code bryanrocks at checkout for the 50% discount.

    Questions about the event? Ask in the comments below and I’ll get you answers.


    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows


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