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    Episode 4a: Currently my biggest income stream

    Episode 4a - Make Money Online

    I never planned on this website to generate as much money as it currently does.  It is not one of my most profitable ventures in making money online, but for now it is generating the most income.

    Multiple Income Streams
    In this episode, I am going to tell you a little bit more information about my current income revenue stream Appraiserincome.com and this is one of my best ones right now. I still have a ton of different streams coming in and they all add up to a nice, but this was one of my first blogs where I really started from scratch, really took my time to build it out. I did not know which direction I was going to take it in and then really started to get more into affiliate marketing make money online , figure out how I could actually monetize the website and it has been a huge success, especially over the past couple of years.

    I am going to talk to you a little bit about Appraiser Income dot com. You can bring it up on your computer if you are there right now and kind of look around. It is not super flashy. It is not even super clean. It is a little bit cluttered. I never really did a huge amount of updating to the template since I started it quite a long time ago, so keep that in mind. Appraisers are not a very tech-savvy group of individuals and I found that sometimes having a website that looks almost amateurish helps with your sales. I once had a website back in the late 90s and it had a really amateurish feel and look to it and that site was raking in the dough.

    So I got it professionally redesigned. I still had all the links in primarily the same area. It just looked a lot of clearer and a lot more professional. Had some really nice looking graphics and stuff on it as well and my sales dropped almost in half. It was crazy and it kind of went towards people, the common man type-guys and I think I discouraged some of them or it turned them off from where it was a really an amateurish-looking website to more of a pro-looking corporate website.

    I think with the same as Appraiserincome.com people see me and they are able to identify with me. Since I am a real estate appraiser and they do not know necessarily that I am a professional Internet marketer so it, I think this kind of benefits me in this situation. It might not be the case 100 percent. I have not really spent the time that I should to really dig down and optimize this website. I could probably squeeze out another 25 percent or more of orders based on the traffic that I am receiving and the amount of time that people stay on the website reading through the articles. I really feel that I should be able to close more sales but it is working great in the meantime and I am kind of more focused on developing this, Your Boss Blows channel and network. I will be getting back to this, but I am also, my main focus of marketing on this website right now is mainly to get as many affiliates as possible to sign up with me and to either put my advertisements in their printed magazines or put my advertisements up on their website.

    Internet Bubble Bursts and I become an Appraiser
    The best thing that is working for me right now is if a vendor has a mailing list, if I could get them to promote my product or products directly to their mailing list. I could not only build up my mailing list at the same time but also split whatever sales I make with them and that has been working well. I will go into that a little bit in the future. In 2000, I got Appraiserincome.com and I was an appraiser at about four years at that point, and it was a great industry. I mean there was tons of work out there. I was telling everyone I knew you should become a real estate appraiser. You will really enjoy earn money online  this type of work if you are into real estate. It was just being great being outside, being able to do what I want, set my own schedule and it was nice to be able to learn how to value properties, value real estate from my own investments. A lot of my friends are also into real estate as well so everyone I spoke to, people that were suffering at the time after the dot com bust like did I, was tell them you should look into becoming an appraiser. People that I was appraising their houses and they are going through bankruptcy or anything like that and they would ask me how is it to be an appraiser and I’d say, “Oh It is great being an appraiser. You should look in it.”

    My First Info Product

    I decided at one point to write an eBook laying out all the steps involved on how to become a real estate appraiser. It was nothing that you could not find through research on the Internet. It was not super difficult, but I got the questions so many times off of my Appraiser Income blog that I decided I am going to create a product and sell it to people that are interested so I do not have to keep on sending out the same information or the list of websites. It would probably cut back on some type, and at that time on Appraiserincome.com it was mainly just a few couple of these articles make money online .


    I did not make it personal at all. I just kind of sat there and so when I got the product up I put some new news articles out. I did not rewrite them or anything, just copy, pasted them and referred to who the news article came from. I still did not make it personal but it still received enough traffic to be able to make, like, probably $500.00 to $1,000.00 selling that ebook and it went on for a few years.

    About 2009, the industry really started to change and you had to have a four-year degree now to become an appraiser. You had to go through all this additional classes and there was a lot of really good things put into effect, but at the same time all of the work started to come from appraisal management companies. To become an appraiser you have to be a trainee for about a year and you have to work under a mentor who will teach you really the ropes of the business. You are learning a bunch in all the classes but you really get the experience by working under the mentor and it is a requirement. You have to do like 2,300 hours of work under a mentor. These appraisal management companies would not allow the use of trainees so it pretty much closed out any new appraisers that are trying to enter the field because the appraisal management companies were now controlling the appraisal orders for all rel estate refinance and purchases for those transactions.

    Giving it away for free
    I decided to make the product free. I was like, I am going to give this thing away at this point and I put a note up there saying my views have changed towards enter the appraisal field at this point until further changes are made with how trainees can be utilized. It is a dying profession. I mean they are probably going to get rid of the use of appraisers at some point altogether, use computer evaluation models or something, but the reason I am telling you about this is that by focusing on a little niche, I was still able to build up that traffic. It was a fairly smaller segment of people looking for information on becoming an appraiser. There was still a fair amount of people and they had money to spend for that information. They did not have the time or the skills to locate that information for themselves. It was a good ebook that I created. I gave additional value like an appraiser checklist, told them how they should take their photos, common errors to avoid, and how to get a mentor. There is a lot of additional information that I knew about by going through it myself.

    You can Duplicate My Efforts
    If you have an area of expertise where you think people would be willing to pay for that information and it is a fairly large market  earn money online, not super tiny micro niche, then you mostly have, that you could duplicate exactly what I have done with Appraiser Income. You do not have to be an expert but it is definitely a lot easier if you are an expert in that area or if you have a lot of knowledge about that, but it can be anything that you are into. It could be a hobby. It could be just your interests. It could be your passion. What do you normally find yourself talking about when you meet up with friends or when you meet someone new, what do you usually talk about? Sometimes there is a common area that you might cover.

    Find your Passion, it might be worth blogging about

    I am just a sucker for real estate. Real estate is always in the news. I love real estate. I could talk your ear off about real estate but, it all depends what your passion is. That is mine. Another one of my crazy passions is metal detecting and meteorite hunting and gold detecting and I just like the desert. Anything I can do other than just walk around the desert floor and pick up rocks, even though I do love doing that, I just like doing that type of stuff so. Anyhow, if you have a passion though that you have a lot of information about that you read magazines and books and search online for stuff, that would be a good blog.

    I really feel that I could write a very good blog on metal detecting or hunting for gold or meteorites. It is fairly popular right now especially with the way gold prices are going and I could easily monetize that website with all of the tools and equipment and detectors and books that people that have that hobby are into. It is kind of an expensive hobby so it would be a good blog to produce. I just do not have the time to do that right now.

    I might do something like that in one of the future episodes when it comes to creating a website completing from scratch but I have not decided which website I want to create for that project because that is a pretty long-term commitment. I want to get it right and I really want to show you how easy it is to get started. I do not know if there is a ton of metal detector affiliate programs out there. I am sure there is quite a few metal detectors I could purchase and resell myself and there might be some low quality metal detectors that you could get through like at Buy.com or you know Target.com and just take advantage of their affiliate plans and stuff.

    What I did specifically on Appraiser Income you could do this. It is not the biggest market in the world but by focusing on them they could easily find me when searching for related appraisal news and things along that line. When the appraisal management companies moved into the playing field that was a completely different game and to stay, to continue being an appraiser you had to work with these appraisal management companies to get those orders for refinances and purchases. It is essentially a vendor list.

    Every Industry Needs a Vendor’s List
    All appraisers needed some type of vendor list or to do the research themselves to find as many of these appraisal management companies and, every industry has something like that. If you are in construction or carpeting or you know a painter or something, there is always a way to locate a vendor list of suppliers, property management companies. There is tons of products and services that cater towards that types of businesses work from home  and if you are new to entering that area you are wanting to get on the Internet and get that information as quickly as possible and you will be willing to pay for it especially if it is going to help your business.

    If you have a bike repair company, there could be a huge list of vendors for just bicycle parts, but then there could be a whole new list of vendors for really customizable products for bikes. They could all come from China. You could have China distributors that you could order that stuff from and you could sell that list to people that are also in bike repair customization. In every industry there is a vendor list.

    This video episode continues on to Episode 4b

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