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    WordPress Hack Alert – January 2013

    It is always important to update your copy of WordPress to avoid getting hacked and to stay up to date with the latest security patches and features. I just wanted to let you know that a major hosting provider just contacted me to let me know that a bunch of websites were being hacked as we speak.

    This is the part of the email I just received:

    If you have WordPress or Joomla running on your account, please check it immediately earn money online and update the core, any themes and any plugins. In the past 12 hours we have seen roughly 80 accounts hacked. The hack is occurring at the Database level.

    They also stated that the backups they had stored were also hacked or overwritten. Not too sure about that service provider, but I believe most major providers have the proper backups. You should also do backups on your end and plug-ins are available to back up your database to protect you from being left without a back up.

    Since WordPress is primarily Database driven, most of the hacks affect the Database. If you have yours backed up and emailed to you frequently, most likely you can re-install wordpress on your server, add all the most recently updated plug-ins, restore your back-up and you will be back make money online business in less than an hour.

    I use:
    On-demand backup of your WordPress database. Navigate to Tools → Backup to get started.
    Version 2.2.3 | By Austin Matzko | Visit plugin site

    Hope you don’t get hacked!



    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows

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