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    MFM – Episode 47: Learn to make money with CPA ads by watching a LIVE profitable campaign – with Paul Nagel

    MFM - Episode 47: Learn to make money with CPA ads by watching a LIVE profitable campaign – with Paul Nagel

    Interview with  Paul Nagel.  He will explain how to make money with CPA advertising . He will tell us how he starts and how he gets to $100.000 per month, and back to zero and up again.

    Wat we talk in the show

    Live CPA Blueprint (affiliate)- Paul’s course where he shows a live profitable CPA advertising campaign
    “An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Sick & Tired Of All The Big Promises that Don’t Live up to Even Half the Claims”

    “This is not some course, ebook or “system.” It’s unlike anything you may have seen before. Instead of showing you some rehashed or “use to work” method…

    I”m going to show you how to leapfrog over the learning curve, get profitable CPA campaigns running in a stunningly short time, and do it all using a currently LIVE and profitable CPA offer I’m currently running….

    The powerful but super simple method I use to get my campaigns profiting quickly…and then expand them for even more profits…

    How to select the right keywords and offer angles that get your visitors eager to fill out your offers…

    The true inside secrets top million-dollar affiliate marketers use, often “behind the scenes,” that can literally double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your response and your sales.

    And much, much more!”

    “Yes you can just flat out have this highly profitable and currently working campaign so that you can finally profit with CPA, increase your conversion rates… double your profits… and explode your email opt-ins (all without having any experience at all!)

    In this WSO you’ll discover…

    How to launch campaigns quickly with the highest probability of success.

    How to take the exact campaign that’s currently getting me hundreds of opt-ins
    per month FREE…and copy/paste it for your own use.

    How to craft an email opt-in that makes you money on the front end…and the backend!
    …without having to actually give anything away.

    My name’s Paul and I’ve been doing affiliate marketing full time since 2003.

    Needless to say I have a LOT of experience and a lot of that is doing paid traffic. PPC, PPV etc…

    Having helped a number of my friends over the years I know that it can be a struggle sometimes starting out especially with something like PPV or PPC traffic.

    This isn’t some hyped up guide that’s full of promise and sells you nothing. I know from experience that the biggest thing that actually helps besides having clear easy to follow instructions (with lots of pictures/screencaps) is showing someone how to actually make a profit…for real.

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