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    MFM – Ep 19: How to outsource SEO services for your customers

    MFM - Episode 19: How to outsource SEO services to your customers without lifting a finger – with Sharma

    An informal interview with Sharma and his SEO team about their SEO services.

    They have system where you can sell your SEO services to your customers and make them think that you are doing the job, but actually they are doing all the work .

    Enjoy the interview.



    What’s in the interview?

    1. What kind of SEO services do you provide?

    2. What happens if a customer isn’t happy?

    3.  How much money do I make from a sale?

    Wat we talk in the show

    SEO Humvee (affiliate link) – Sharma’s white-label SEO service package where you can sell your customers SEO services.



    FREE Upgrades Available for Current SEOhumvee Customers


    Patch V.1,V.2 Released Oct,25th,2012
    Patch V.3 : 21/11/2012 New Feature upgrade works almost 70% Completed ! New Version will be available around mid November.
    Patch V.4: 02/01/2012 Released with Multi currency, Bug Fixes,Speed Enhancement,Mobile & Ipad Layout Fix,Seamless quick payment integration,much more features updated[/B]
    Patch V.4.1: 17/01/2012 Package Integration Feature Added,Footer Social Media Links field improved,User Dashboard (End User) New Fetaures added ( Invoice,Download Report,Edit Profile,Connect Profiles)

    November Version 1.2 An arrangement is a planned with Following Feature:

    Version 1.2 Feature Upgrade:
    1, Multiple Themes ( You can switch different templates)
    2, Global SEO settings ( Add Meta tags,Index Settings,GA,GWT,Bing Verification)
    3, Promotion Alert Popup Notification
    4, SMS API integration ( New orders,Status Request,Support ticket Update notifications)
    5, Open Authentication ( Customers can Signup via Facebook,twitter,Google,etc)
    6, Add new Packages,Featured Product Listing,Extra Addons,More Details tab,Review Stars,etc,etc..
    7, Aweber,Mailchimp,Autoresponder Integration

    Marketing Ideas :
    1, Target Contest ( Eg: 100 Sales per Month Company will receive $XXXX cash Prize)
    2, Best Re seller of The Month ( Eg: Award,Appreciation certificate will be send via Feedex)
    3, Monthly SEO Webinars,Marketing Webinars To improve your Marketing and Seo Skills.
    Once i complete 250 Target then I will announce this information officially via SEOhumvee Insider Club.

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