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    Episode 4b: How I monetized my appraiser blog

    Episode 4b - Make Money Online

    Making lots of cash off my Appraiser Income blog changed everything.  It went from a boring blog making hardly any sales to a highly engaging portal with lots of sales.  I could quit my day job with this income stream alone!

    This is a continuation of Video Episode 4a

    Creating My Own Vendor List
    At the time I decided to start creating my own list of appraisal management companies, I had no intention to resell it. My intention was to stay in business. What I did was I starting going, this is back when I was in Arizona fixing up a rental property, and I was planning on retiring out there but just cannot live in Arizona. I love it out there. I love the desert but nothing beats the beach, so I had to come back. But while I was out there, this is when those changes went down and I had to find these appraisal management companies as quickly as possible otherwise I would not be able to make my two mortgages that I had at the time, all my nice built up debt and whatever else I had going on.

    It was a very stressful time, but I knew I just had to hoof the pavement, pick up my phone, try making some phone calls and find as many appraisal management companies as possible
    earn money online. So I started calling appraisers around the country and asking them how are they getting their work. What appraisal management companies are they using? I made sure to call appraisers that were located outside of Arizona. I called all my friends first that were appraisers that are now out of business unfortunately, but at that time they were getting some work trickling in so I first started by calling all them. Then I would call appraisers right out of the phone book, search Google and ask if they were interested in exchanging information. They would give me some of the AMCs (Appraisal Management Companies) that they were using.

    I would give them some of mine and I would do that all day long. Then what I started to do was I built up a list. I could still do appraisals for companies that were doing FHA appraisals and I could still do bankruptcy and divorce and date of death type appraisals for people. So, I made a big list make money online in Google with company names and addresses in Maricopa County which is a huge area, has Phoenix in it, and I just started driving around and made a map in Google so I could go from one location to the next, to the next, to the next.

    I just went door to door and if anyone was using an appraisal management company, I got the name of the company, who they were sending their appraisal requests to get fulfilled by local appraisers. I built up a huge list that way. That compiled with doing the phone calls, sending out emails, doing searches on the internet, I just built up a very good list of appraisal management companies and I started getting flooded with work.

    More Work Than I Could Handle
    I had more work than I could handle and it was great because at that time I was starting a new business make money from home and I had my existing company still in California. Occasionally I would drive out to California to do like a $1,000 appraisal because I did not want to just give that to one of my friends or something at the time. I needed the money. Then I showed my directory to my friends and they thought it was really great and suggested I sell it. I realized I should put that on my blog. I went on my blog and I created a sales page, threw it up there and I was making sales from time to time, nothing huge. It was decent. Originally I only offered a book version. Originally I had this book version because I was worried that if people got the book they could easily duplicate it and that would not be good.

    The Original Product
    In the beginning what set my list aside from other companies is that I put information on how to get more orders from appraisal management companies, errors to avoid, some marketing information, how to get more internet business make money online. I have built it up since the original product went out, but this is the 2011. I think the first one I was not selling a huge amount of them, off of Appraiser Income. I was doing fairly okay and I just thought it is just not selling too well. I was doing more and more marketing and more and more research and just trying to build up information on the website but I still never made it personal. I really kept it super salesy. I just reprinted news and then I started to get frustrated. I got frustrated and started posting that information to my web site about how the appraisal industry is just going down the tubes because these appraisal management companies are now starting to undercut fees. Before when they first came out it was like the standard appraisal fee. Now they are offering less than 50 percent. Then it was down to like 25 percent in some cases and most appraisers just turned down the work. A lot of appraisers had to take it because that is all they could do. So I started blogging more about it on my website and people were getting more and more involved. People would come back to my blog frequently to see what I was talking about or ranting about.

    Iron clad guarantee helped sales
    I would occasionally market my list of appraisal management companies on my blog and social networks. I list the top 40 companies that send me the most work first and their national companies so if they have the most work in my area most likely they are going to have the same work in your area. I am so sure that my list will get work for all appraisers that I give a 100% money back guarantee. Any one that buys this book, any appraiser that buys this book for $100, if they go through and they sign up to at least in the top 40, it will definitely make them much wealthier. If they go through the whole list they will do very well. Most appraisers are struggling these days to get work and so from the very beginning I said if you do not get work from this, you call me up and you tell me, “Bryan, I’m not getting any work from that appraisal management company directory that you sold me. I’d like my money back.” So just do that. I put my phone number up there and it is never happened – never had one refund.

    I have had tons of letters from people saying “this completely changed my business; this was a lifesaver”. All it really is is a directory of companies that I did a lot of research to locate them and I keep it updated and now companies contact me from time to time asking how they can get in the directory. Now you could duplicate this easily if you are passionate about something and you show your passion.

    Getting Personal with my readers really paid off

    One of the biggest changes that really influenced the sales on my web site was I wrote this little article and it is just called A Little Bit About Me and I explained the situation of me moving to Arizona and how work completely dried up and I was on the verge of bankruptcy. I had two mortgages, and appraisers really connected with me and they really trusted me. I would share my information on what I did to get these appraisal management companies and how I found them. I would give out some information for free.

    Social Marketing really pays off
    I am also way into internet marketing work from home so I would make some posts about internet marketing. If you know about internet marketing then you should easily be able to sell internet marketing information to a small niche of people, a small group or subset of people like painters. You could tell painters all day long how to get more business. You will do well. I started to do that and my sales just started to go through the roof. The more involved I got, the more sales I received. It was amazing. It was just like opening the floodgates and orders started flowing in. I really feel that my product adds value and I was thinking of how I can really get this out there.

    My website went from getting maybe 50, 100, 200 hits a month to anywhere from 300 to 500 a day and I was doing more and more marketing. I decided to get this out to as many appraisers as possible. I went to LinkedIn and I created a profile. I would start posting to groups about appraisal management companies and getting more work and marketing, what internet marketing for appraiser, just getting involved in the groups, LinkedIn, the forums. This is not taking a huge amount of time. This is like max half hour a day if that – maybe an hour or two a week. Even at that it is not something I committed full time to because I was a full-time appraiser.

    I guess I still am a full-time appraiser. I put appraisals usually in front of everything else when I can. So, it really made a huge difference in my business. When I started to consider that it could easily double the income of me being an appraiser, I started to take that way more seriously.

    Writing For Magazines
    I started writing for magazines which is fairly simple. I contacted an industry magazine and said I would be interested in writing some articles for your appraisers on getting more state work, more AMC work. I got those published and I got links back to my web site for that user printed magazines, but they also have online versions. It made me more recognized in the appraisal industry, that I was being talked more about, people were thanking me for my information and I was getting more orders. Then in the shopping cart that I originally set up to purchase my book, there is an affiliate program already built into it and most shopping carts have this feature. If not, we will cut that out at some point as well.

    I started contacting print magazines and online magazines, anyone that had a list of real estate appraisers. It could be directories. It could be people that sell supplies to appraisers. It could be for their insurance or software that they have to use. I just started contacting all them and saying would you be interested in promoting this product. I did not do it via email because you will never get a response that way. I picked up the phone and called them and spoke to whoever was in charge of doing that type of advertising. I first I would talk to them and say I am just interested in buying an email blast. Can you email this message out to all your appraisers? How much is it going to cost me? They would tell me and as I received more and more sales, I had data that I could back up.

    I could say usually with every email blast to around 10,000 appraisers. It seems to generate around $2,000 worth of income and we could split that 50/50 if you are interested. You can do more email blasts. You could do them twice a week – whatever you want. We could split the income or I could just buy the advertising off of you. About 50 percent of all my marketing now are through the affiliate program. So it works out really well. Some of them I almost wish I could buy the email blast but at this point they just want to do the affiliate split where I would be way more profitable if I just bought the mail blast off of them in the first place. That is what I am kind of focusing on that area right now – just going out finding as many affiliates or people that have lists that I could just buy the email blast from.

    Building my list so I can stay in touch

    When I email them, they come directly to my list. I could collect their name and email and then I could continue to market to them on a continual basis. I set up an autoresponder, so once they join the list, it is like I call up their appraiser marketing system because I send out a message every week with information on how to get more orders
    make money online and it is everything from the AMC Guide to internet marketing – different avenues for appraisers to get business. If you duplicate this for anything it could be a product, it could be a service, it could be something local in your area, it could be for a local company in your area that you could be doing this for; it is really simple to get started in this area. All you need to do is create that blog and be passionate about something and offer value and it will be good.

    This video continues on to video episode 4c

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