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    Meetups are a great way to network and learn

    Local meetups are a great way to learn more about makeing money online and gives you the opportunity with others that are currently earning money online and those that are just learning.

    There are a number of meetups held monthly across the country and they are easy to find and attend.

    For example, Affiliate Summit hosts meetups frequently, some of their upcoming meetups are below.

    TBA Atlanta, GA Affiliate Summit Atlanta Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Austin, TX Affiliate Summit Austin Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Baltimore, MD Affiliate Summit Baltimore Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Boston, MA Affiliate Summit Boston Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Chicago, IL Affiliate Summit Chicago Meetup
    Needs a Organizer Cleveland, OH Affiliate Summit Cleveland Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Devner, CO Affiliate Summit Denver Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Indianapolis, IN Affiliate Summit Indianapolis Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Los Angeles, CA Affiliate Summit Los Angeles Meetup
    Tuesday, 4/24/12 Montreal, Canada Affiliate Summit Montreal Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 New York, NY Affiliate Summit New York Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Orlando, FL Affiliate Summit Orlando Meetup
    TBA Tampa, FL Affiliate Summit Tampa Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 Toronto, Canada Affiliate Summit Toronto Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/27/12 San Francisco, CA Affiliate Summit San Francisco Meetup
    Tuesday, 3/08/12 Wilmington, NC Affiliate Summit Wilmington Meetup


    You can also find more meetups just by visiting MeetUp.com and checking for local groups in your area in areas you are interested in learning more about.

    Some of the meetups I frequently search for in google and on meetup.com inclue:

    • Affiliate Marketing Meetup
    • Internet Marketing Meetup
    • Social Marketing Meetup
    • Blogging Meetup
    • How to Make Money Online Meetup

    The meetups are usually structured so you don’t spend your time just talking, even though there is usually plenty of time set aside for networking and getting to know others in the group.  A speaker will usually talk about 1 specific topic so you can learn from someone that has experience in that area.

    So spend some time, check out Meetup.com and try to attend one in your area.

    Have a great Wed!


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