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    MFM – Episode 2: Making YouTube Convert

    MFM - Episode 2: Drive traffic from your Youtube videos that will CONVERT – with Mark Thompson

    I really enjoy the Mike from Maine show and you will also. I will be picking the cream of the crop and sharing them with you through Your Boss Blows!

    Mark Thompson has a method of driving traffic from your YouTube videos that will actually convert. Getting lots of hits is one thing, but converting is the goal. What really matters is the quality, not the quantity of traffic that you get. Get your videos to actually convert in to sales is the key.

    In this episode Mark talks about the importance of using YouTube as a direct marketing channel for the products and services you are promoting. We all know that video marketing is only getting in to full swing and you really want to do it right from the beginning. This interview lays out some of the fundamental video marketing steps and how to get that traffic to actually convert.

    Products mentioned in the show:

    Video Marketing Debunked (affiliate link)- Mark Thompson’s course that will show you how to really capitalize on your Youtube views to drive traffic to your money making websites. Conversion is key.

    Mark Thompson
    – Check out Mark’s “hub” website where he frequently publishes great articles about Internet marketing. If you are thinking about doing video marketing, you definitely want to check his website from time to time for more information.

    WPGoldmine (affiliate link)- This is a great forum that Mark has that has a great community of internet marketers that will actual help you in your quest to make money online.

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