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    Episode 4c: Affiliate Programs & Info Products

    Episode 4c - Make Money Online

    I have numerous ways that I am currently making money off of my websites.  On my appraiser blog I sell info products, related services as well as affiliate products and services and even a little adsense.

    This video is a continuation of Video Episode 4b

    Multiple methods I use to make money off my websites
    The AMC directory is not the only way I make money off of that website. It is true that it is $100 for the book and you get the electronic version as well. However, I do sell just the electronic version alone for $79.95. I also have affiliate products and services on the website that I make money off of and some pages have Google Adsense. There are really high trafficked webpages within the blog that I do not have any products or services for – just much more information make money online. I will put up adsense and people could clink on links and I would get a little tiny bit of revenue that way. The main way I am going to double the income on this website over the next six months is I am creating a series of additional products and you can do this with any industry.

    Making Money Through Affiliate Programs

    What really works well with my appraisers is just to get them more business and more customers. That is the way it is going to be with almost any type of blog that you write, unless you are focusing on a product. On those product ones or the hobbies, you are mainly going to be focusing a lot on information earn money online . Then they could buy guides if they need them on how to modify something, like maps of certain locations – how to guides. There are a lot of different products that you could create for your customer base. You are probably going to make the majority of your money through affiliate programs – selling products. Or you are going to purchase those products yourself and resell them. Or you are going to get products made somewhere and sell them.

    There is a huge variety of ways that you could make money off of your blog. Off of this I already have a link to another website that I have made called appraiserwebsites. I just throw out some quick blogs for appraisers with WordPress blog with like five pages. It is a static. It is actually not a blog. It is a static website using WordPress. It has basic things like the order page, information, services, service area, about page, contact page, and their home page. I optimize it usually with an optimizer plugin, built into WordPress or added to WordPress and I bring in a residual income that way. The website is originally worth $29.95 a month and I just got tired of hassling with expired credit card numbers and staying up on top of people that did not pay their bills on time. So I just made it a flat $260.00 a year and that is pretty cheap and it is to a point where it is really not worth my time to create those types of websites but I do love the appraisal industry so much and I really appreciate the people that have helped me and I really like to help people in general. For $260 a year, I will build an appraiser a website and get them listed in the search engines.

    I really am trying to show people that are interested in how powerful the Internet could be if used properly that I am willing to take a pay cut to show these people. Whatever you put out there has value, even if you are practically giving stuff away. It is going to come back to you one way or another. It just always does and so that is kind of the mentality that I work by.

    Inexpensive information products for upsells
    In addition to the appraiser websites make money online , I have a new info product. It is only $25 and tells people how to get the most out of working with an appraisal management company, how to negotiate with them, and what to do when problems arise. It is a pretty big report. It is about 25 to 30 pages. It is just filled with information that most appraisers would never think of or consider. One big consideration that I found is that if I turn down all that lower paying work, where they are trying to get an appraiser to go out and do an appraisal for 50 percent or 25 percent of an appraisal fee, if you accepted all those and worked your butt off you might make a certain amount of money. I have found that if I counteroffer every single one of those orders and tell them, look, based on complexity I cannot do it for that much, but I can do it for this much and I could have it back to you by this date. I double my income doing that and work probably a quarter as much. It is just simple math but most appraisers are not willing to take that risk. They are going to say, okay, if I could be guaranteed to get the work right now today for this amount versus counter offering all those orders and saying, “No I can’t do it for that much but I will do it for this,” and it is cut and dry.

    Some information I share with appraisers that build value
    You make twice as much by counter offering and you do a lot less work. For that one little piece of information, it is golden for appraisers. I do not see how anyone would ever complain for a $25 product that gives you that type of negative information. I am also creating additional guides on Internet marketing and website optimization. There is a lot of packages that I am making that are related to appraiser software. I am not an expert in using that software, but I do know a fair amount of shortcuts, ways to speed up your time that you spend creating the appraisal report and that is valuable. There is a ton of products, as well as additional website services where I will optimize their website for like $1,000 and to an appraiser that is only a few orders. If you are able to get twice as many orders a month, it pays for itself in a month or two. It is a good investment.

    People Trust Experts
    Everything that I offer has value and so appraisers are usually willing to purchase them. If any appraiser has a problem with what I sold them, I give their money back, no questions asked. I put it all over my website, and put my phone number up. People trust me and they really believe that I am an expert in the area because I do feel like I am an expert, especially when it comes down to Appraisal Company marketing work from home . You could offer your clients marketing services. There is just so many different things that you could do.

    Coming Up Next
    In the next episode, we are just going to start getting into doing the screen captures. I may just give you a quick run through of my website, capturing the screens, showing you how I monetize this website right now. In the meantime if you could go to yourbossblows.com, make sure that you sign up to the newsletter, so you can get that quick start guide and any type of transcripts of the previous shows. Plus I will let you know when a new show has been posted. If you could go to iTunes, this is really going to help me out and rate me in there and make a comment. My shows are not 100 percent up to speed yet. I am new to doing all this video but I am getting there. I just got to keep on focusing and keep on making the content until I bring it to you.


    What you might want to do between now and the next show, if you are not watching this right after the next, is just write down, like brainstorm, for a little while. Come up with a list of like 10 or 20 different things that you feel like you have a passion about, or that you are interested, that you do talk to your friends about frequently, um, that you feel like you have a lot of knowledge about or you would like to have a lot of knowledge about. There is a lot of people out there that do not know anything about a topic or a place or a type of food or a service but they really want to learn. They are willing to publish all the information that they have learned. Like if you want to go to Tahiti super bad and you are doing all this research on Tahiti, everything you could possibly find out about it and post it on a blog, I’m sure you could monetize that with some plane ticket deals, cruises, books, and equipment that you might need for travel. There is tons of ways you could monetize that. You could even make a guide where you tell them all that like the hidden things in Tahiti or really cool clubs or the stuff that someone visiting Tahiti for their first time might want to know about.

    There is tons of different ways to monetize
    make money online . The main thing is to find something that you know you will be able to give value to the listener or to the person reading your blog; and doing videos and podcasts kick butt. If you could work that into whatever your plan is on making money on the Internet, if you could incorporate podcasting and video right from the very beginning, you will be doing so much better than all the other affiliate marketers. Just when I added a short little video to the front of the blog, my orders increased by 25 percent from off the website, so it was just like a short, really short little video. I will play it for you on the next show. It just really brought sales in.

    The Busy Appraiser Podcast
    I do a podcast called the busy appraiser podcast. If you want to listen to it on iTunes, it is really amateurish. I do it with a headset on in my car and I just talk to people about the appraisal industry, my products and services and appraiser marketing. That brings in a ton of traffic. If you post your podcasts or videos across the Internet to all the different video and podcast sharing websites, you will be flooded with traffic, right from the very beginning, so you should probably try and incorporate that into your ideas but that is going to come up later on down the line, so stay focused.

    Let us brainstorm this week. Try and come up with some good ideas. Think of something that you know you would be interested about blogging or doing a podcast or video cast about frequently. If you sputter out like 99 percent of the people do after the first month or two, it is just going to turn out being kind of like a waste of time. It will not be a complete waste because you will gain valuable experience and you will say, okay, I really like doing that as a hobby but I don’t necessarily like blogging about my fascination with RC cars. That will happen sometimes but it is the next step. That was maybe your first failure.

    You will figure it out as time goes along. If you are getting to the point of purchasing a domain name, then you should download that Market Samurai trial. You can get that link off of my website at yourbossblows.com.
    I really appreciate you watching my shows and I hope you are getting a lot out of it. I know it has been a lot of just talk so far. I am really trying to give you my background and the different ways that I am making money. I can easily make the appraiser income a full-time living. I do not need to necessarily do appraisals full-time at this point because make money online fast of the income that I am generating now off of this one blog.

    With the combined with my other streams of income, I do not have to be a full-time appraiser. It gives me the ability to pick and choose which types of orders that I want to do and lately it has been beachfront mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Those pay very well, compared to the standard appraisal. If you are employed in that type of business where you are able to pick and choose, cherry pick the best work, supplementing your income through making money online. It will be a huge benefit to your company. It will take the stress off of you and you will still be able to do what you love; which I love appraising and I cannot imagine ever stopping.

    Until next time, just get out there and do it.

    If you have not already, make sure you sign up to my newsletter and download the quickstart guide on how to make money online.


    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows

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