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    MFM – Ep 20: How Jonathan Smith brings in daily dollars with CPA ads

    MFM - Episode 20: How Jonathan Smith consistently makes $100-$2,000 per day with CPA ads

    Jonathan Smith is CPA (cost per action) marketer. He uses Bing paid traffic, facebook advertising using tactics from Joey Babbs.

    You only need to see the interview and hear the stuff he want to share with you.



    What’s in the interview?

    1. How much money do you need to start with CPA offers and paid traffic?

    2. Where did Jonathan learn how to make money with CPA ads?

    3.  Do all CPA ads convert the same on each day of the week?

    Wat we talk in the show

    CPA Cash Vault (affiliate link) – Jonathan and Joey’s CPA course

    Aff Crusher – Jonathan’s free access CPA website and forum

    Prosper 202 – Free CPA tracking software to keep track of your income when running paid traffic

    So you wanted self-hosted ppc tracking software?
    Prosper202 provides pay per click affiliate marketers with free leading edge self hosted ppc software! The only effect this software will have on your bottom line is a positive one.

    New to our services? Learn more about Prosper202, then follow the three easy steps below to self host our free software in minutes. Or, for the ultimate in ease of use, create a free account on Tracking202.com.

    Watch The Replay: Optimizing Your SiteScout Campaigns With P202

    The replay of our webinar with SiteScout last week is online on our Facebook page. You can watch it here. But before you click here are a few cool thing things you’ll see and hear about 1. You’ll get a chance to see the new Tracking202 interface as well as some of the new features I’ve been working on 2. There are some cool retargeting features from both SiteScout and Tracking202 3. You’ll see how to automatically pass data back and forth between […]

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