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    Episode 11: Interview with Gideon Shalwick

    Gideon Shalwick - Video Marketing Expert

    I was very excited to sit down with Gideon Shalwick and talk to him about his 92 page Rapid Video Blogging system. He has inspired me for years and is one of the many reasons I decided to get in to video blogging instead of the traditional text blogging format.

    Given all the problems you can experience with Skype video interviews from the other side of the world, we decided to go with audio. I decided to use some talking Avatars to make things a little more visually exciting. I thought they were pretty cool, but a little on the silly side! I think if these Avatars are used in the right setting, they can really be of good use for the video marketer.

    Gideon has really only started his quest to make money online and enjoy the passive income lifestyle within the past 5 years. In that short amount of time he has become one of the most influential bloggers and definitely the video marketing expert. You can find out more about him at GideonShalwick.com and if you want to get straight to the 92 page Rapid Video Blogging ebook, then make sure to check it out at RapidVideoBlogging.com.

    In the beginning of the interview he shares with us his story on how he was tired of doing the 9-5 and making other people money. One day he decided to make some big changes, moved to Australia from New Zealand with his wife to start a new life and new business. He shares with us the reasons why he decided to become an expert at video creation and blogging.

    In the book he talks about the 7 steps for dominating your niche using the Rapid Video Blogging Method. I will lay out those steps below.

    Step 1 – Identify the niche you would like to dominate
    Step 2 – Produce high quality videos easily and FAST!
    Step 3 – Create a video domination hub
    Step 4 – Create powerful, response invoking content
    Step 5 – Optimize your video domination hub for maximum results
    Step 6 – Use some viral video magic for maximum exposure
    Step 7 – Monetize $$$ your asset

    Don’t worry, these steps are all explained in detail in his Rapid Video Blogging ebook.

    We talk about his case study which is also included in his free report and how he helped a magician friend of his dominate the market with the keyword “free magic tricks” and bring in a ton of money as well.

    One of the last sections you do not want to miss is the 3 methods to make money with your video domination hub.

    These methods are also explained in detail in the free report.

    Fast Cash Injection Method
    The Competition Crushing Method
    The Passive Income Method

    And finally at the end of the report there is an excellent 2 page checklist that will help you get your videos and hub created in no time so you can start making money online.

    Since this was my first interview over Skype, I was very happy with the results and very grateful that it was with the best video marketer on the internet today! I am sure you are going to enjoy it very much.

    Until next time, just download the 92 page report and DO IT!
    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows


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    Ragan May 27, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Love the talking avatars!


    Bryan June 6, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Thanks! I thought that would be a little interesting!


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