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    MFM – Ep 33: How Jeff Carson lives abroad and makes money with Amazon Review sites

    MFM - Episode 33: How Jeff Carson lives in Italy and makes a living with Amazon review sites

    In the following interview  you will learn how to make decent money on Amazon by selling products  For that I have the right man – Jeff Carson and he teaches how to do that.




    What’s in the interview?

    1. How Jeff got his Amazon account back TWICE after it was cancelled

    2. How to determine which niches to target for Amazon sites

    3. What should an Amazon review post look like?

    Wat we talk in the show

    Azon Classroom (affiliate)- Jeff’s course where he teaches people how to make money with Amazon

    Originally Posted by ChrisGuthrie

    Hey Jeff, nice work on this one. I love getting a chance to check out the strategies that other marketers are using to be successful with Amazon.

    Learning actionable advice from people who have proof of their success is the way to go.

    Originally Posted by riverpalm1

    I just want let everyone to know that I am one of those who would buy a product and would immediately ask for a refund if I find out that the program is just a theory as most guys just think of a possible and convincing money making scenario and create a product to sell without proof that they can make money with the program.

    The warrior forum is full of guys who just want to make money with bad products.

    I was very skeptical about this program because I have several programs about making money with Amazon.com but found out that they were just ideas with no proof that they could make money.

    But I have to tell everyone that although I have not started seeing sales results with my website,. I amvery encouraged by the fact that the producer of this program show real time how he make money from an authority site that he builds and show you how to duplicate his example and you even see him making sales with the website. This is doable.
    This is the best amazon program I have bought.


    Jeff Carson – Jeff’s website where he talks about his money-making ventures

    Jeff initially learned from The Four Hour Workweek and Your Portable Empire.

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