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    MFM – Episode 49: Squeeze the most cash out of your niche sites automatically with a SMART theme – with The Adsense Flippers

    MFM - Episode 49: Squeeze the most cash out of your niche sites automatically with a SMART theme – with The Adsense Flippers

    Interview with an intelligent team-Justin Cooke, Joe Magnotti  and John Devries from the Adsense Flippers.

    They will explain  all about their new theme which automatically split-tests and optimizes niche sites to place ads in the best position.


    Wat we talk in the show

    IntelliTheme (affiliate)- The Adsense Flippers’ new theme for niche sites

    “IntelliTheme is a great theme to use for adsense sites. Shortly after applying the theme to my adsense-based websites, I saw a huge increase in CTR – going from an average around 1-2%, all the way up to an average of 5-6%. As you can imagine, my earnings skyrocketed as a result. It is a very userfriendly theme that has one major advantage, you are able to split-test ad layouts and see the results directly in your wordpress control panel. I have yet to come across a theme that provides this kind of statistical aid out of the box. I was quickly able to zone in on which layouts were hugely profitable and which were crap, undoubtedly contributing to the great CTR rate I achieved.”

    ~ Chris Broholm

    IntelliTheme will…

    Save You Time

    – Automatically optimize niche sites

    – Critical metrics are consolidate in the WordPress dashboard.

    – No more trying to link different acconts, tools and profiles to get data.

    Make You More Money

    – Maximize earnings for each site, individually.

    – Capitalize on split-testing with one click!

    – Pageview, clicks, and CTR updated 24/7

    Give You The Knowledge of Experts

    – Industry best practices built in!

    – Layouts based on successful performance of thousands of other websites

    – Tested on over 100 different websites and 30 different industries



    AdsenseFlippers.com – Justin and Joe’s main website. You can check out their sites for sale HERE

    Whatthedev.com – John “the intern” Devries’ site


    WSO of the Day – Incomizer: Powerful, Comprehensive Passive Income Tactics

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