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    MFM – Ep 23: How to drive traffic and capture emails with Craigslist

    MFM - Episode 23: How to drive traffic and capture email leads with free Craigslist traffic – with Michelangelo Lopez

    Todays interview is with Michelangelo Lopez,  expert Craigslist marketer. He will explain us how to drive traffic to his pages with Craigslist classified ads.



    What’s in the interview?

    1. How can you make money on Craigslist?

    2.  How many ads do you post per day?

    3. How can you avoid getting your account banned?

    Wat we talk in the show

    The University Of Internet Science – Michelangelo’s website where he teaches Craigslist affiliate marketing and lead generation.

    Niche Ad Generator Pro – Michelangelo’s free ad creating software


    As I stated in my video above the new Niche Ad Generator Pro Version 3.0 is not for sale.  I easily could sell it for a one-time $497 or (was advised) $997, or I could even have made the NAG site a paid membership site and charged $97 per month.  And those who are familiar with NAG would not have flinched and paid for it.

    But I’m not just the creator of the Niche Ad Generator Pro I am also the founder of the University of Internet Science and I want to change as many lives as possible.  Many, and many people can relate, have been attempting to make money online or from home for years and haven’t made a dime.

    My vision is going to change that.

    In order to get full access to Niche Ad Generator all you have to do is click on the “Register” link above. It’s just that simple.

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