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    MFM – Ep 34: Get Your Kindle Book on the First Page of Amazon

    MFM - Episode 34: How to get your Kindle book to rank on the first page of Amazon – with Rachel Rofe

    If you are publishing books on Amazon. Here’s a video that you cannot miss. Rachel Rofe talks about how to get your Kindle books to rank on the first page in the Amazon search results.




    Wat we talk in the show

    Page One Profits – Rachel’s course that teaches you how to get your Kindle books to rank on the first page in Amazon.

    RachelRofe.com – Rachel’s blog

    One person suggested writing a blog post on how to raise prices without losing current clients. I thought that could be pretty helpful for lots of people, so here we go.

    First of all, I know this post doesn’t apply to everyone. Not all of you have services.

    But if you’re wanting to earn money online, and you haven’t yet… I strongly recommend starting by offering some services. They’re the fastest way to earn money and they’ll help you bring in revenue as you work on your longer-term income goals.

    Some services you can offer:

    Normally, I recommend starting your prices low. That helps you get feedback, work on your craft, and get testimonials.

    For example, when I started copywriting my introductory rate was $1,000 for a letter. Now it’s at least $5k, plus royalties.

    After you “pay your dues”, you can move upwards.

    Here’s an overall step-by-step strategy on how to raise your rates:

    Step 1:  Start with the end in mind.

    First figure out the monthly amount of money you’d like to be earning and how much time you’re willing to put in for it.

    For example, maybe you’re OK continuing to make $3k a month but want to put in less hours every month.

    Maybe you want to earn $1k extra a month and don’t want to change the amount of time you’re working.

    Figure that out FIRST.

    This way you’re not lusting for some arbitrary number – you’re determining your target hourly (or project) rate.

    You’ll have solid reasoning for what you want to earn and you’ll be able to feel more confident asking for it.


    Bring The Fresh– Felix Kelly’s program to make money online. He was previously known as “The Rich Jerk”.

    should pay attention to.

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