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    Welcome to Your Boss Blows!

    Now is a great time to Make Money Online! Enjoy the personal freedom and increased income by being your own boss. Let me teach you how to make money online with my step-by-step video tutorials!

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    I am Bryan, an internet marketing expert and affiliate marketer.   I am now picking up the title of teacher!  I hope to teach you how you can make money online and earn money online.

    I go way back with marketing products and services on the internet.  When I was in college I was selling products via UseNet!  I think I even sold a handful of products on bullitin board systems (BBS), right around that time as well.  I thought those were the good ol’ days, but things just keep getting better.

    These days I make a full time living making money online and earn money online.  I used to do everything but I am trying to scale back, get my laser focus going, and only deal with products and services that have to do with internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

    I had a number of jobs over the past 20 years when I first got started, but I have always supplemented my income with passive income streams through online sales or affiliate marketing.

    I am also currently a Real Estate Appraiser.  I have always felt that SMART investing in real estate will make you wealthy, so my goal is to continue to learn all I can about real estate.  Being a real estate appraiser really helps me to identify properties for investment purposes.  I am also a licensed real estate broker but really have not done much in that area.

    My passion has and will always be making money online and creating as many passive income streams and work from home as possible.  I decided to make this blog to share what I know with other people that are interested in making money online.

    I hope you enjoy my step-by-step tutorials that you can watch online, on your portable devices using Itunes or through internet enabled television systems like Roku, Samsung, Sony internet video players.

    I always want to know what you think about my videos.  I am not a video professional, but I love the feedback.  If you have any questions or would like me to make any changes, please let me know my sending me an email, making a comment on one of my posts or sending me a message through any social network.

    Thanks again for visiting, now go make some money!

    Bryan Knowlton

    Producer – Your Boss Blows