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    mike from maine

    MFM - Episode 59: How to do SUPER FAST BUSINESS – with James Schramko

    interview with  James Schramko. He will talk about Internet marketing  and how to super-fast business. He tell us his story of going from Mercedes salesman to an online entrepreneur.     Wat we talk in the show SuperFastBusiness.com – James’ website Sell The Results 4 Check out this video to discover how to effectively sell a […]


    MFM - Episode 60: How Anton Kraly turned $29 into $1.8 million while working four hours a day

    Interview with Anton Kraly. He will speak  about his super-successful drop shipping company. His beginnings on  e-Bay  and how he worked his way up to $1.8 million in sales. enjoy   Wat we talk in the show The Four Hour System (affiliate)- Anton’s drop shipping course Hello, Let me start by saying I feel extremely […]


    MFM - Episode 61: How Chris Reck is diversifying his already $40,000 per month business…and a Christmas deal

      Interview with Chris Reck He will talk about the progress of his business that made ​​$ 40,000 a month with offline marketing. Now he is working on some new projects. Watch the interview!   Wat we talk in the show Christmas Come Early Deal (affiliate)- Chris’ special multi WSO offer] Attention if you are […]


    MFM - Episode 62: How to add INSTANT authority to any niche site…plus a free prize – with Walt Bayliss

    An interesting story by Walt Bayliss. He will talk about  his amazing online marketing journey. We will talk about the big gains and big losses and he will tells us all about his new Wiki Word plugin. Enjoy!   Wat we talk in the show Wiki Word Plugin (affiliate)- Walt’s plugin Walterbayliss.com – Walt’s website […]


    MFM - Episode 64: How to BOOST your Adsense income by over 300% in a week – with Sean Donahoe

    Interview with  veteran online marketer Sean Donahoe. He will talk about  how his new plugin, Adsense Firestorm that will increase your Adsense income by up to 300%. He is explaining how this plugin works.     Wat we talk in the show Adsense Firestorm (CLOSED) Sean’s previous interview On today’s Mike From Maine Show I […]


    MFM - Episode 65: “Doers get what they want…everyone else gets what they get” – with Jim Kukral

    Interview with Jim Kukral. He has 16 years of experience  in  Internet marketing and “TED talker”. He said that you must get over your fear of failing.   Wat we talk in the show JimKukral.com– Check out his video explaining his business….I love it. 13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As Successful As You Should […]


    MFM - Episode 67: How a college junior did $20,000 in sales outsourcing video production…with no video experience – with Vas Blagodarskiy

    Interview with young Vas Blagodarskiy . Actually, he hasn’t even graduated from college yet, but he’s able to get professional videos created for cheap by outsourcing them. I think he’s a great example of someone who hasn’t let his own skills determine what he’s capable of doing. Learn how he’s doing it.     Wat […]


    MFM - Episode 68: Why you should use a professional URL shortening service for your affiliate links – with Stuart Morrison

    Interview with  Stuart Morrison. He will talk about  the benefits of using a URL shortener for your affiliate links.     Wat we talk in the show tTwi.st –  Stuart’s URL shortening website. “AT LAST – A URL SHORTENING SERVICE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED BY INTERNET MARKETERS FOR INTERNET MARKETERS”!   Warriors, do your potential customers take […]


    MFM - Episode 69: How Jeff Rose created a blog that makes over $10,000/month

    Interview with  Jeff Rose who is a financial expert. He will speak about how he developed his financial blog ‘makes $ 10,000 per month income. How is Jeff  making money?  His income from his blog comes from multiple sources. He uses it not only as a revenue generator, but also as a lead generator.   […]


    MFM - Episode 71: How to leverage your current clients to create a sales page that CONVERTS – with Michel Fortin

    Interview with Michel Fortin, we talk about creating great copy to sell your products and create a perfect prospect profile. We also discuss the effectiveness of long vs. short sales letters , videos sales letter аnd what drives people to buy your products.     Wat we talk in the show Licorice Group Training With […]