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    mike from maine

    MFM - Episode 72: How to monetize your blog into a SIX FIGURE business – with Stan Smith

    Interview with Stan Smith from PushingSocial.com who has done SIX FIGURE   on his blog. He will speak about how from nothing to making something. You will learn how to take your blog to the next level and monetizing it.   Wat we talk in the show PushingSocial.com– Stan’s blog Would You Like to Get More Blog Readers? […]


    MFM - Episode 73: How to do keyword research with Market Samurai when Google keeps changing the rules – with Ben Stickland

    Interview with  Ben Stickland Who will speak  how you can use Market Samurai to do keyword research. Will also talk about what makes it different about other keyword tools and what developments they are making with it for the future.     Wat we talk in the show Get a Free Trial Copy of Market […]


    MFM - Episode 74: How to monetize your podcast or web show through STRATEGIC sponsorships – with Michael Cyger

    Interview with  host of DomainSherpa.com, Michael Cyger. He will talk about  how to monetize your podcast or web show through STRATEGIC sponsorships. His  interviews he has done and much more.   Wat we talk in the show DomainSherpa.com– Michael’s show about the domain name industry Institutional Investment Opportunities in Domain Names – With Frank Michlick The […]


    MFM - Episode 75: How A Nerdy Developer Went From $0 – $100,000 Selling WordPress Stuff

    Interview with Matt Alexander his story is incredible. He will talk about how Went From $0 – $100,000 Selling WordPress Stuff. In this interview you’ll find out how he became successful and how you can copy his exact method of success.   Wat we talk in the show WP Business Machine (affiliate)- Matt’s PLR theme […]


    MFM - Episode 77: How to use Long Tail Pro Platinum to do LASER-TARGETED keyword research – with Spencer Haws

    Interview with  Spencer Haws. I love to use Long Tail Pro. Spencer is doing a 7-day discount for it, I’ve read that there are new features inside and I want to know more about.     Wat we talk in the show Long Tail Pro (affiliate)- Grab it now while it’s at a discounted price […]


    MFM - Episode 78: Step by step guide to using solo ads to build your email list – with Jayson Benoit

    Jayson Benoit is making email list with solo ads. If someone is interested about this I suggest that this is show for you.       Wat we talk in the show JaysonBenoit.com– Jayson’s blog and solo ads and Fast Funnels Jayson Benoit is an Internet Marketer focused on Affiliate Marketing and List Building. He is considered […]


    MFM - Episode 79: How to use LinkedIn to get up to 5 new clients PER WEEK – with Pam Lawhorne

    Interview with Pam Lawhorne, otherwise known as the “Social Maven”. She will talk about  Social marketing  and tell us how to use LinkedIn to acquire new clients. Enjoy and learn.     Wat we talk in the show LinkedIn 4 Success (affiliate)- Pam’s course on mastering LinkedIn for generating leads Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 From […]


    MFM - Episode 81: How to get email opt-ins from your readers without being a jerk – with Clay Collins

    Interview with Clay Collins who is a master of giving away great content and providing so much value that when you finally give your email to him you feel like you should be giving him two. He’s also the creator of a video player that I obviously love (and use), Lead Player. Enjoy.     […]


    MFM - Episode 82: How to contact and connect with people online, offline – with Jaime Tardy

    interview with  Jaime Tardy is from Maine. Jaime has been interviewing millionaires. She’s done over 80 interviews with millionaires and is quickly approaching the 100th episode. We will talk about networking with people at offline events. Jaime recently got back from the New Media Expo (aka BlogWorld) where she spoke about “How to create amazing […]


    MFM - Episode 83: How a newbie gets over ONE MILLION views per month and makes over FIVE FIGURES with Youtube – with Jovana Sumar

    Interview with  Jovana Sumar, we’ll talk about a lot of cool stuff. One of them is about how one of her customers is getting over a million views per month on her Youtube videos by using Jovana’s method. On today’s episode we’ll find out how this is being done.     Wat we talk in […]