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    mike from maine

    MFM - Episode 85: How to grow your audience with iTunes – with John Lee Dumas

    Interview with super exciting John Lee Dumas. He  managed to master the art of building an audience.  John explains the importance of getting reviews on iTunes to move your podcast to the “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s hot” sections on iTunes and how that has helped him build a huge audience in a very short […]


    Awesome interview with Tom Ness. He will talk about how a productivity may be invoked multiple times with small changes. Nothing is better than doing work ONCE and getting paid multiple times for it.  Therefore watch the interview and learn how it’s done.     Wat we talk in the show Lifestyle Diet Makeover PLR […]


    MFM - Episode 87: How to build a buyers list – with Mark Lyford

    Interview with Mark Lyford, his story is very interesting.  He will talk about building a list of buyers and he will explain how to make strategy so they’ll click on your links. Enjoy     Wat we talk in the show Online Profit Partner Program (affiliate)- Mark’s coaching program Business / Finance Careers Debt Economic […]


    MFM - Episode 88: What Internet Marketers Can Learn from the Porn Industry – with Brad Gosse

    Brad Gosse is teaching us how we can make money with porn sites and how we can copy his work and make money.  We talk about “mainstream”  industry about what people do right and wrong. Wat we talk in the show D Passport (affiliate)- Brad’s membership site where you get access to all their products […]


    MFM - Episode 89: How to use social bookmarking links to rank your websites…on autopilot – with Ben Roy

    Interview with Ben Roy.  We will discuss about social sites and the social links (Facebook likes, bookmarks, and tweets) how important this things are and how this things works. Will reveal  how  you can automate all your social links with SocialAdr.     Wat we talk in the show SocialAdr (affiliate)- You can join for […]


    MFM - Episode 90: How to make up to $1,000 per month sniping launches…on autopilot – with Lenin Govea

    Interview with Lenin Govea.  Some of us know how you can make money by reviewing internet marketing products when they are launch. You know that it takes a lot of time to do that.  He will explain us how he makes descent profit and pays all of his expenses, by giving some of his secrets. […]


    MFM - Episode 91: How to find the perfect virtual assistant – with Chris Ducker

    When you have too much work and do not want to spend your creative energy you need a Virtual Assistant. He will explain how to find the best virtual assistant by asking the right questions before you hire someone. With  Chris Ducker.   Wat we talk in the show Virtual Staff Finder (affiliate)- Chris’ virtual […]


    MFM - Episode 92:How to put sponsorship advertising on your website…EASILY – with Yaro Starak

    Interview with expert blogger Yaro Starak. He will tell us about how much you can charge for ads and how many visitors you need per day before you start selling ads. Many people use Adsense, but they don’t know that there are lot of other options that they can use. Wat we talk in the […]


    MFM - Episode 93:What posting a check from Google Adsense for $132,994.97 did for his reputation – with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker

    Interview with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker.He will tell us again about his online success and the famous image with the check of $132,994.97. He will tell us the story again and his experiences with the new book “Nothing’s changed by my Change: The Shoemoney story “.   I’ve been making a living on the Internet since […]


    MFM - Episode 94: How to create custom Facebook fan pages with drag and drop ease – with Wilco de Kreij

    Interview with  Wilco de Kreij. He has a WordPress plugin  called  WP4FB . He will explain how to use this plugin to create fan pages on Facebook.   Wat we talk in the show WP4FB (affiliate) – For the next 7 days you can get a 70% discount on Wilco’s WordPress plugin that let’s you […]