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    mike from maine

    Interview with Jimmy Mancini. Lot of us use youtube like an online marketing tool. Jimmy will explain us a method to drive traffic with his Youtube External Link Method.   Wat we talk in the show Youtube External Link Method (affiliate)- Jimmy’s way of putting links on your Youtube videos out to external websites Hi […]


    MFM - Episode 96: How to Make Professional Marketing Videos with NO Prior Experience – with Bertram Heath Sr.

    Interview with Bertram Heath Sr. He will tell us about making marketing videos. We will talk about all aspects of making videos for the internet.   Wat we talk in the show The Video Slayer (affiliate)- Bertram’s video marketing course DISCOUNTED UNTIL FRIDAY AFTERNOON MIKE: Hi there everyone welcome to episode 96 of the Mike from […]


    Episode 8: How the Google Exact-Match-Domain Update has affected our micro niche sites – with Spencer Haws

    Most of you are already aware that there was a Google update this weekend that has had a big impact on the niche website making community. If you haven’t read about it yet you can find out about it at the following resources: Webmaster World, Search Engine Land. The gist is that websites with the domain name […]


    MFM-Episode7: Interviews for over six figures of income and 250,000+ sub.-David Siteman Garland

    One Awesome interview with David Siteman Garland who is a successful host with ultra popular Blog Show called The Rise To The Top where he interviews successful Mediapreneurs and entrepreneurs.. He answers a few questions: 1. Why should you do a video podcast and not just audio? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a […]


    MFM - Episode 58: How to build a highly responsive list that will jump on EVERY email you send them – with Mark Thompson

    Interview with  Mark Thompson. We discuss how to build  highly responsive lists for email marketing. Many people think that you need to have large lists, but there is a trick you do not need this. Watch the interview and see how.     Wat we talk in the show The Email Marketer’s Handbook Special $27 deal […]


    MFM - Episode 57: How Troy Nantais makes $120/day with FREE Squidoo Lenses

    Interview with Troy Nantais. He will talk about making money with  Squidoo lenses. For many people this is a super new but Troy makes $ 120 per day. Watch the interview and you will see and learn how.     Wat we talk in the show Squidoo Cash Tsunami (affiliate)- Troy’s course where he explains how […]


    MFM - Episode 56: Make your videos VIRAL with Barak Hullman’s tried and tested formula…with NO BUDGET

    Interview with Barak Hullman. He will speak about making  YouTube videos to generate and  drive tons of traffic to his web site. He found a way to make 90% of his videos goes viral. The viral video he talks about in the video is called “Impossible Times”.   Wat we talk in the show Viral […]


    MFM - Episode 54: Groundbreaking plugin that lets users opt-in with Facebook, Twitter, AND their Google account – with Bryan McConnahea

    Interview with Bryan McConnahea about generating leads with a unique welcome op-tin page. You’ve all seen popups that come up asking for email addresses,  but Bryan’s plugin gives multiple options for signing up, including Facebook, Twitter, email, and your Google account. Interview that will keep your attention.   Raw transcript Hello there everyone!  It is […]


    MFM - Episode 53: How Tom Ewer makes over $3,000/month writing posts on OTHER people’s blogs

    Interview with Tom Ewer from LeavingWorkBehind.com. He is making $3000 guest posting and promoting his own business at the same time. If this name sounds familiar that is because he’s made a lot of blog postings at WPMU.org  and MyWifeQuitHerJob.com.     Wat we talk in the show LeavingWorkBehind.com (affiliate)- Tom’s website and course on how […]


    MFM - Episode 52: How Mark Malkoff makes a living creating SUPER-funny movies on Youtube

    Interview with a very funny guy Mark Malkoff. He creates funny videos  and make money from. He’s done such stunts as watching400 252 Netflix movie in one month, visiting (and consuming something) at all the Starbucks in New York City in one day, and spending the night in Ikea,  fun  interview watch it! Enjoy   […]