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    mike from maine

    MFM - Episode 51: How to get new Facebook fans every day…on autopilot – with Yoel Cohen

    Interview with Yoel Cohen  and he will speak how to 100 new  real fans Facebook  every day with autopilot without doing much work at all. enjoy     Wat we talk in the show Going Viral on Facebook (affiliate)- Yoel’s course about getting 50-100 fans a day on Facebook. Struggling With “Going Viral” On Facebook…? […]


    MFM - Episode 49: Squeeze the most cash out of your niche sites automatically with a SMART theme – with The Adsense Flippers

    Interview with an intelligent team-Justin Cooke, Joe Magnotti  and John Devries from the Adsense Flippers. They will explain  all about their new theme which automatically split-tests and optimizes niche sites to place ads in the best position.   Wat we talk in the show IntelliTheme (affiliate)- The Adsense Flippers’ new theme for niche sites “IntelliTheme […]


    MFM - Episode 48: 200 percent guarantee that you will make money with Instagram and CPA offers – with Komsat Keo

    Interview with Komsat Keo. He will talk about how he is  making money using  Instagram and CPA . I saw that he offers 200% guarantee and that caught my attention. Wat we talk in the show Instant Instagram Profits  THIS IS NOW A FREE COURSE (12/21/2012)- Komsat’s course for making money with Instagram Welcome to […]


    MFM - Episode 46: How to create mobile apps for clients without having to deal with the App store – with Andy Fox-Hulme

    Interview with Andy Fox-Hulme  who will talk about  making mobile apps  and without the stress of App Store. He discovered a way of making great apps for clients.   Wat we talk in the show New Web App Fronti[7/11/2012] MEMBERS AREA ADDED!! Get Video Tutorials, Training And More… Now Even Greater Value For The Same […]


    MFM - Episode 45: Writer’s block is no longer a problem with Rick Roberts’ Wizard Outline Generator

    Interview with Rick Roberts.  He is the creator of the famous PLR product Bass Fishing 101  which he lost control of in a “newbie” mistake  that he talks about in the interview . He is dinosaur in the internet business and he was also one of the first people to beta test popups.     […]


    MFM - Episode 43: How to network, email people the RIGHT way, and become famous – with Derek Halpern

    interview with Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers.com. Derek really knows his stuff when it comes to positioning himself. In which you will learn how to become famous enjoy Wat we talk in the show SocialTriggers.com– Derek’s website. We mentioned his post on How to become famous and How to email influential people.   How to email influential people—and get responses […]


    MFM - Episode 41: Why you need to get off your butt and start a podcast…now! – with Pat Flynn

    Very interesting interview with super interesting interlocutor as it is Pat Flynn. He will talk about  the importance of podcasting, video VS audio, the benefits of transcripts. Watch and enjoy. Wat we talk in the show How To Start A Podcast– Pat’s podcasting tutorial Smart Passive Income– Pat’s website Who is Pat Flynn? The Rise […]


    MFM - Episode 40: An alternative way of making money by helping your community – with Kornel Kathi

    Interview with Kornel Kathi that will keep your attention.  Here you hear  about making money with courses in local schools  about the dangers of social media.  He has process of approaching different schools. Enjoy. Wat we talk in the show Dangers of Social Media – Kornel’s alternative course to making money offline Where did the […]


    MFM - Episode 39: How to get professional offline Walk-ons to sell products on your website…without breaking the bank – with James Tudsbury

    Interview with James Tudsbury who will talk about using offline walk-ons to help sell your services, with little money  everyone can get a deluxe service.   Wat we talk in the show Offline Walk-0ns (affiliate)- James’ service where you can get professional offline walk-ons inexepensively James’ blog Digital Marketing Blog On-Page SEO for 2012 (from […]


    MFM - Episode 38: How to make your website SUPER DUPER FAST – with Josh Fulfer

    You have a problem with the speed of your website or just want the site to run faster. See the following interview with Josh “The Speed Demon” Fulfer  and you will see how your web site to make SUPER DUPER FAST. Wat we talk in the show WP Speed Formula (affiliate)- Josh’s guide to increasing […]