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    mike from maine

    MFM - Episode 37: Justin Popovic creates more PLR before 8am than YOU do all day…and loves it!

    In the following interview we’ll talk with Justin Popovic which is very ambitious. His ambition derives from doing more Private Label Rights by 8am than most people Stock do all day. Watch the interview and you will discover the secrets of making more PLR.   Wat we talk in the show Special discount for Mike […]


    MFM - Episode 36: How Paul Nicholls spent $20,000 on Internet marketing products before he finally made it big

    Exciting interview with Paul Nicholls He did not know anything about making money online but with little effort  he started launching multiple WSOs in the Warrior forum. Enjoy.   Wat we talk in the show Offline Bullet Cash (affiliate)- Paul’s offline marketing course where he teaches how to get easy client by undercutting the market. […]


    MFM - Episode 35: How Derek Madden makes $3,000 while promoting his books on Kindle

    Interview with an excellent guest-Derek Madden He reveals his secrets about how he makes his Kindle books  in the best selling categories. He gives away a few of his secrets how he was able to generate hype and demand for each book he releases. I think you will enjoy in the show. Wat we talk […]


    MFM - Episode 34: How to get your Kindle book to rank on the first page of Amazon – with Rachel Rofe

    If you are publishing books on Amazon. Here’s a video that you cannot miss. Rachel Rofe talks about how to get your Kindle books to rank on the first page in the Amazon search results. Enjoy.     Wat we talk in the show Page One Profits – Rachel’s course that teaches you how to […]


    MFM - Episode 33: How Jeff Carson lives in Italy and makes a living with Amazon review sites

    In the following interview  you will learn how to make decent money on Amazon by selling products  For that I have the right man – Jeff Carson and he teaches how to do that. Enjoy     What’s in the interview? 1. How Jeff got his Amazon account back TWICE after it was cancelled 2. […]


    MFM - Episode 31- Mine is bigger than yours! – How to measure your social clout with Chris Brogan

      Awesome interview with  New York Times Bestselling author Chris Brogan to chat a bit about his new book The Impact Equation.  . Chris also reveals the most important things you should be doing for your business in regards to social marketing.   What’s in the interview? 1. What are the 3 most important platforms you […]


    MFM - Episode 30: How to use contests to add thousands of new subscribers to your email list – with Travis Ketchum

    Exciting interview with Travis Ketchum. He will talk about how to build your list by holding contests on your web site. He explain how his plugin works.   What’s in the interview? 1. How can you use contests to build your list? 2. How did Travis JV with a power seller when launching his plugin? […]


    MFM - Episode 29: How Yaros Pacheco sells pre-made websites to help new marketers make money

    Interview with Yaros Pacheco who will speak about his new product  Web Cash Stream where he sells pre-made sites to new Internet marketers.   What’s in the interview? 1. What kind of sites is Yaros selling? 2. Where is this “limitless” traffic coming from? 3.  How many of these sites does Yaros use himself? Wat […]


    MFM - Episode 28: How Chris Reck makes $40,000/month doing creative offline marketing

    Interview with Chris Reck about how he’s using custom-made flyers to attain and retain clients. Instead of just giving the same information to all businesses, he goes in and surveys their customers about certain aspects of their business and then gives the owners a custom report.     What’s in the interview? 1. Exactly how […]


    MFM - Episode 27.5: How Kirsty Henderson makes over $5,000 per month selling guest posts on her websites

    In the following interview with Kirsty Henderson from NerdyNomad.com. She talks about how she’s able to bring in about $5,000 per month by selling guest posts on her sites…and she doesn’t even try that hard So stay and enjoy   What’s in the interview? 1. Does most of her advertising revenue come from sidebar or inpost […]